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Seating for Eating by Ilse Crawford

Seating for Eating by Ilse Crawford

Ever since this collection was first shown in 2009, I’ve been waiting to see it show up on a US retailer’s website. Well, look what I just came across: The Future Perfect now carries quite a few pieces, and I dare say it’s been worth the wait.

Ilse Crawford’s spare ‘Seating for Eating’ pieces are contemporary interpretations of traditional seating and she describes them as “reassuringly familiar but carefully detailed”. Perhaps my favorite of the collection is the tall Settle Bench with its high back; it gives a space an intimate feel without blocking light or the view.

Shown above: Bench With Back, $2,195.00

Designer: Ilse Crawford of STUDIOILSE for De La Espada
Solid chestnut, with copper feet.
Handcrafted by De La Espada using sustainable sources.

‘we believe materials have hidden messages. these create a powerful link to our emotional psyches and shape our connection to daily life. we relish the warm and the synergy of the heart and head’ –STUDIOILSE

low settle bench

Low Settle, $2,975.00
Overall: 78 1/8″ L x 20 1/5″ D x 37 2/5″ H
Seat: 70 7/8″ L x 16 4/7″ D x 16 7/8″ H

settle bench
Settle Bench, $2,975.00
Overall: 80 5/8″ L x 21 3/7″ D x 51 4/7″ H
Seat: 70 7/8″ L x 16 4/7″ D x 16 7/8″ H

Originally posted Aug 9, 2010.

Available from The Future Perfect, 2,195.00.

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