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Rian RTA Barstool from Semigood Design

Rian RTA Barstool from Semigood Design

These stools by Semigood Design are fantastic. Each piece is designed and handmade to order in their Seattle workshop (hence the lead time of 2-4 weeks) and all wood used is FSC-certified. While it is a ‘ready–to–assemble’ product, it should take you no longer than 5 minutes to have it ready for use. Stock colors are Red/Orange, Smoke, White, or Blue.

Available in a 17″ stool, 26″ counter stool or 29″ bar stool.

Rian RTA Barstool

17″ Stool, $695.00
26″ Barstool, $795.00
40″ Wide Bench, $795.00
29″ Barstool, $845.00

Support BLTD by buying here: $695.00 from Design Public

Available from Semigood Design, 695.00.

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