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Perch Barstool

Perch Barstool

Hmm, I don’t quite understand how the same barstool could cost roughly $150 more on one site than the other. Do you? One site has it on sale, so that explains a little discrepancy, but perhaps it’s not exactly the same barstool, or by the same designer/manufacturer, or maybe someone is smoking something somewhere and the profit margins were messed up. Either way, this teak and iron base barstool has that spindly-yet-sturdy look and would provide extra seating without taking up too much visual space.

Perch Counter Stool from West Elm (shown above), $216.00
15.25″w x 15″d x 27″h.
Reclaimed teak wood seat.
Powder-coated iron base.

Perch Barstool from Anthropologie, $348.00โ€“$398.00

Reclaimed teak, steel.
Barstool 31″H, 15.25″W, 15″D
Counter stool: 27″H, 15.25″W, 15″D

Available from West Elm, 216.00.

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