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Muji’s Body Fit Cushion

Muji’s Body Fit Cushion

If you think you know how to be lazy and while (or, wile, if you prefer) away the hours, you are in for a big surprise, because Muji’s Body Fit Cushion is now available in the US, and it’s going to test your limits. Just how long can you sit and read a book? How long can you nap? What about meditating staring out the window? I bet you can double that time, easy, when you’re sitting upon this bulbous mound. Muji doesn’t exactly declare what’s inside of the cushion, but that’s okay as I’d rather not know and pretend it has something to do with high tech science or magic (or both).

Cover sold separately at $40 each: 2 colors available (Gray Beige and Dark Brown).

Item Description:
Size: W 65cm x D 65cm x H 43cm
(W21.65 x D21.65 x H14.96″ )
Weight: 5.7Kg

Body Fit Cushion

Available from Muji, $150.00.

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