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Mass Book Stand

Mass Book Stand

So, does the ubiquity of the Sapien Bookcase have you down? Are you sick of seeing it in some of the modern interiors magazines, and you want to spend at least $2,500 more on something a bit more out of reach, maybe by a successful designer? After all, those piles of cash aren’t going to spend themselves.

Seriously though, this chunky book stand by Mr. Tom Dixon is mightily impressive. At first glance, you might make the same mistake that I did and assume this towering monolith is made of wood, but no, it’s brass. Big, bold brass. And it will hold all your books with a solid sense of weight, giving the feel of a very nice ‘accessory’ that plays off of other materials in the room – just like a heavy metal bracelet on the wrist of a stylishly outfitted man or woman.

Designer: Tom Dixon
Materials: Brass
Dimensions: W 17.2″ x D 11.8″ x H 78.7″

Mass Book Stand

There’s also this other version, shown on right, $2,500.

Available from MATTER, 2,800.00.

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