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Kingstown Barstool

Kingstown Barstool

The Kingstown Barstools from Studio Dunn are just as sleek as they were when they first hit the market a few years ago. Similar to the popular Conventry Stool, the barstools combine traditional handmade joinery with contemporary manufacturing methods to create a seating option with incredibly graceful lines. And, as a tip of the hat to their eco-friendly credentials, it’s worth mentioning that Studio Dunn works with high-quality domestic timber from sustainable forests.

Kingstown Barstools
Kingstown Barstools

Dimensions: Counter Height 24″ Height, 19″ Width, 19″ Depth
Dimensions: Bar Height 30″ Height, 19″ Width, 19″ Depth
Material: Walnut, Cherry, or Ash
Finish: Tung & Lindseed Oil

Made in the USA with the support of small USA manufacturers.

Custom heights 25″-29″ available.
Please contact for pricing.
Ships within the USA and Canada.

Updated price and link; originally posted Apr 22, 2014.

Available from Studio Dunn, $1,050.00 - 1,150.00.

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