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Fatboy Pullover

Fatboy Pullover

Just when you thought the whole beanbag thing is well and truly over, they go and pull out this Moonlander* print Pullover. A Pullover, as you might of guessed, is a cover for the Fatboy, and is available in four different prints, shown below. Sort of perfect for a kids room, or maybe even a media room or lounge area, if it fits your style.

*Remember? I created a tag specifically for moon stuff.

Postbag and Persian rug are two-side printed, while Moonlander and Milkmaid are printed on one side and one colour on the other side.

Shown above, Pullover Moonlander, $220.00 (with filling, $359.00)

Fatboy Pullover Milkmaid
Pullover Milkmaid, $220.00 (with filling, $359.00)

Fatboy Pullover Persian
Pullover Persian, $220.00 (with filling, $359.00)

Fatboy Pullover Post
Pullover Post, $220.00 (with filling, $359.00)

Available from Finnish Design Shop, 220.00.


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