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Dune Grande Lounge

Dune Grande Lounge

This fiberglass shell chair looks like a mid century classic went through some kind of warp zone, doesn’t it? At just about 4 feet wide, it’ll not go unnoticed as a seating option, that’s for sure. And don’t fret if you’re short on space; there’s a slightly smaller (and less stretched) version available (shown below).

Dune Grande Lounge: $1,895.00 (49.25w x 34d x 24.5h inches)
Dune Lounge: $1,695.00 (39.25w x 31.5d x 26.5h inches)

Oak Base.
Seat is 17″h on both the Dune Lounge and the Dune Grande Lounge.
Also, you’ll have to wait about 10 to 12 weeks for delivery, fyi.
dune lounge



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