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Drum Poufs

Drum Poufs

Poufs with trays! That’s just what we never knew we needed. Without the tray, it serves as an excellent spot for resting your feet and/or extra seating, and with the tray, it’s a functional side table or an impromptu in-front-of-the-tv dining surface. Keep in mind that the trays are sold separately and can be used anywhere as well- so don’t be afraid to pull it into the dining room if you need a big tray to shuttle things back and forth from the kitchen. Available in High or Wide.

Drum Poufs
Drum Poufs without trays.

Drum Pouf, High
Pouf: H 15.75″ (17.25″ with tray) Diameter 17.75″, $275.00
Tray: H 3.25″ Diameter 18.5″, $150.00

Drum Pouf, Wide
Pouf: H 12″ (13.5″ with tray) Diameter 23.75″, $320.00
Tray: H 3.25″ Diameter 24.5″, $189.00\

Drum Poufs

Available from DWR, 275.00 - 509.00.

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