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CH24 Wishbone Chair

CH24 Wishbone Chair

The CH24. The Wishbone. Whatever name you prefer, it’s a classic. And, unlike back in 1944 when Hans Wegner created the Wishbone, it’s now available in 15 different color lacquers as well as in natural oak or walnut. If that doesn’t tempt you, remember that right now there’s a sale on Carl Hansen & Son items, which means you save a little bit of dough when you decide to bite the bullet and add such an iconic piece to your collection.

Wishbone Chair in Color Lacquer:
$599.00 – $855.00 sale: $509.15 – $726.75USD

Wishbone Chair in Natural Wood:
$990.00 – $1,425.00 sale: $841.50 – $1,211.25USD

“In 1944, Danish designer Hans Wegner began a series of chairs that were inspired by portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Ming Chairs. One of these chairs was the Wishbone Chair (1949), also known as the ‘Y’ or ‘CH-24,’ which has been produced by the Danish firm Carl Hansen & Sรธn since 1950.”

Made in Denmark.

Available from DWR, 509.15 - 1,211.25.

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