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Casey Dzierlenga Bar and Counter Stools

Casey Dzierlenga Bar and Counter Stools

These may not be around forever at this price, and that’s more the reason to seriously consider them as an option for your bar or counter space. Casey Dzierlenga has quite a collection of heirloom pieces, and though these stools may not have the same pedigree as her locally sourced materials, they still possess the same thoughtful styling and classic design. Plus, we should all support stores that work with designers to create affordable options of their designs- soooo much better to see than the evil alternative of rip-offs. And, if you like these stools, do be sure to take a look at Dzierlenga’s Little Potat Thinking Stool– it’s a thing of beauty.

Designer: Casey Dzierlenga

-Wood in an Oak finish.

Bar Stool, 18.3″diam. x 38″h., $199.00
Counter Stool, 18.3″diam. x 34″h., $189.00

Casey Dzierlenga Bar and Counter Stools

Available from West Elm, $189.00 - 398.00.

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