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If you find you move quite a bit, this shelving system might be something to consider. The BrickBox is an individual stacking module that can be assembled in various ways to create a larger bookcase. It’s made of white laminated plywood, and, as you might expect, is easy to assemble from a flat pack. Have several small BrickBoxes for a smaller, lower bookcase, or stock up on several large Brickboxes for a more serious storage statement. No screws are necessary- small nylon plugs keep the boxes in place. And, when it comes time to pick up and move, you already have all your books and such in boxes- handy!

BrickBox is manufactured in Barcelona, Spain.

Small BrickBox: $54.00
Boxes measures: 10.6″H x 10.6″D x 14.2″H

Large BrickBox: $59.00
Box measures: 21.3″W x 10.6″Dx 14.2″H

Available from ModMobili, 54.00 - 59.00.

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