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Blackline Furniture Collection

Blackline Furniture Collection

If you’re in the market for dark and minimal pieces, have I got a treat for you. Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. has recently expanded their collection to include a Bench, Low Table, and Step Stool. If the dark/black version doesn’t float your boat, you may also specify a bleached or natural finish as well. Traditional wood joinery sets the collection in the heirloom category, so it’ll last a lot longer than you (plan to note in your will which favorite kid/niece/nephew inherits which piece- happy thoughts, huh?). Each piece has a timeless, simple silhouette and will work in whatever room you choose.

“As always, BCM&T Co. uses domestic, sustainably sourced lumber selected especially for its durability.”

Owner/designer: Joshua Vogel

BCM&TCo. Low Table

BCM&TCo. Long Low Stool and Step Stool

benches can be customized up to 6′ (longer lengths are possible)
tables can also be customized & are available in square, rectangle (shown) or circle

Low Table, 53″ l x 27.5″ w x 13.5″ t, $4500
Bench, 56.5″ l x 12″ w x 16″ t, $1950.00
Step Stool, 15″ l x 8″ w x 7.5″t, $400.00
Long Low Stool, 36″ l x 8″ w x 7.5″t, $770.00

Available from Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co., $400.00 +.

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