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Bambica Modular Shelving System

Bambica Modular Shelving System

Let’s face it, modular shelving systems are not pretty. Usually they look cheap, and if they don’t, it often means there’s a hefty price tag attached. Now, this system from Bambica has a little bit of an Erector Set feel thanks to the rods held together with plastic pegs, yet the bamboo saves it from looking too college dorm room-ish*. There’s fifty bamboo pieces in all, and you can combine sets to expand the system.

Made by Bambica.
Size: Each rod: 1h x 17l x .75″d. Set as shown: 3h x 6l x 1’d
Materials: Bamboo, Polyamide Plastic
Designer: Andrew Gancikov and John Fitzpatrick

*Unless you choose to stock microwave popcorn and plastic cups on it, in which case do not be surprised if your guests expect beer pong as the evening’s entertainment.

Available from MoMA Store, 350.00.

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