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Aalto stool 60, Rings

Aalto stool 60, Rings

Another anniversary stool? Sure, let’s have it. Alvar Aalto’s three legged Stool 60 turns 80 this year, and we’ve already seen a few other versions that piqued our collective interest. Nao Tamura’s version is decorated with the growth rings of a tree, 80 rings to be exact, and the size of the rings are never the same. Unfortunately, it appears that no US retailer carries it. Sad for those of us here in the US, not so sad for those of you on the UK side of the world.

The silver rings are silkscreen printed on a lacquered surface.

Manufacturer: Artek
Design: Alvar Aalto, Nao Tamura

Size: Width 38 cm, height 44 cm
Material: Lacquered birch, silk-screen print
Color: Black

Available from Finnish Design Shop, โ‚ฌ353.00.

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