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even*cleveland Gift Ideas 2013

even*cleveland Gift Ideas 2013

How about some more gift ideas for your holiday shopping list? For the third year in a row, Stephanie Madewell of even*cleveland was able to take some time and send us her list. As always, Stephanie, it’s a treat to see what great items you’ve bookmarked; thanks again for sharing.

Stephanie’s list:

1. Ring holder from Bailey Doesn’t Bark

2. Roberu camera strap, $44.00

3. Fredericks and Mae star dominoes, $80.00

4. Clare Vivier denim duffel, $430.00

5. Hopewell workshop quilt, $365.00

even*cleveland Gift Ideas 2013

6. Cherry wood tea canister, $240.00

7. Girl by Band of Outsiders sweater, $565.00

8. Hot Water Bottle cover, โ‚ฌ39

9. Mjolk + Hoi Boi toiletry case, $160.00 – $240.00

10. Deerskin slippers, $99.00 (CAD)

11. Four Quartets t-shirt, $39.00

About Stephanie:
Stephanie Madewell is a transplanted Ohioan who lives and works in New York City. When she is not editing, writing, looking at art or taking long walks with her husband and dog, she uses her blog, even*cleveland, to stash random bits of inspiration for a rainy day.


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