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Fashion Gifts

Fashion Gifts

How about some random fashion gifts for those nearest and dearest? There’s no real rhyme or reason to the selection, just that they’re all pretty fun.

1. Cotton Blend Cheetah Tote Bag by Hansel from Basel, $31.00

2. Beautiful: Open House Amistad Hair Clip, $179.00

3. Cloud-shaped metal key ring Gold, $14.00

4. Black Moon & Stars crew Socks, $30.00

5. Luranus Planet Brooch, $36.00

6. I love this earthtuface Skin Stick; add solid perfume to make it a bundle: Skin Stick + Geranium & Vetiver Shell, $89.00

7. Pretty brass ring with glass cabochons: Suede (Brass) Ring, $155.00

8. Color plus warmth: Missoni Fringed Crochet-knit Scarf, $145.00

9. Catbird Alphabet 14-karat gold earring, in her initials, of course. $48.00

10. Shiny/pretty: Shine Pouch, $60.00

11. For the bold: Dusen Dusen Purple Block Pullover, $264.00

12. Want: Lisor Cat Pin Navy blue, $20.00

13. Terrazzo Macbook Pro 13″ Case White, $65.00

14. Terrazzo Pouch Black, $28.00

15. Kathleen Whitaker Sequin Stud, $40.00- $50.00

16. No brainer slippers: Cashmere Slide Slippers, $145.00

17. Fun: Saskia Diez Wood Hair Tie, $15.00 $9.00

18. Add these sachets to hot or cold liquids for a botanical boost: Mix Dust Box, $35.00

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