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Stefan Boublil Wish List 2016

Stefan Boublil Wish List 2016

Stefan Boublil, the creative director of the apartment, is next to share his wish list of gifts to give/receive this holiday season. Thank you, Stefan, for continuing the tradition!

In Stefan’s own words:

Wanna wrap yourself in cotton candy until the demons have flown over and it’s safe to come out? That’s how I feel too and I know of only one remedy, short of that sticky mess, to help us be whole again: doing good for others this holiday season.

1. First mellow out by sending the WestWorld Radiohead covers throughout your place with a system that costs a fraction of Sonos because it uses your already great speakers! Gramofon, €59.00

2. Escape with the candle that smells like a new Mac, $24.00. Because we can’t afford a new mac right now.

3. Then, once you’re comfortable, take actual action and give, DIRECTLY! It’ll come back to you tenfold. maybe twenty.

Stefan Boublil Wish List 2016

4. Children = Future. That’s what Ms. Houston taught us and I, for one, am all in, especially when it familiarizes them with the tools they will need to cook me dinner when my own hands will fail me. Opinel Le Petit Chef Set, $54.93

5. And speaking of, design to the rescue! A suite of products that helps literally level the unsure hands of those with Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and more. Liftware Level Starter Kit, $195.00

6. When you’re done, cool out, adopt a tree, $160.00–$390.00. But not just any tree, an olive tree from Puglia of course! Then wait and reap the delicious rewards…

Stefan Boublil Wish List 2016

7. Give the gift of exploration and bait them to follow the list, trust me… (, it’s worth it. Atlas Obscura, $17.50.

8. And if that’s a bridge too far THIS year, then at least invite them to spend the night at the museum…

9. Donate to the ACLU, methinks we might need them in the near future or is that paranoid?…

Stefan Boublil Wish List 2016

10. Then wash it all down with Mr. Lyan’s incredible bottled cocktails, $24.73, unlike anything you’ve ever had unless The World’s Greatest Mixologist comes to YOUR house for Christmas. Which I know he doesn’t because he’s coming to mine.

11. And finally, do LESS, that’s right, less. Your body will thank you. (€25.00+)


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