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Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is this Sunday, so now’s your chance to get the gift that says “thanks for raising such an awesome kid” or, something more modest, like a card that says “I love you, Dad.”

1. I Love You Dad Card, $5.00

2. Basil Eco Planter, $38.00

3. SuperSignal Walnut And Aluminium Digital Radio, $320.00

4. Cast Iron Frying Pan by Sakai Toki, $180.00

5. Logifaces SUPERCOLOR 16pcs Puzzle, $69.00

Father's Day Gifts

6. Rains Weekend Bag, $95.00

7. Bank Pen, $59.00

8. Instrmnt K-100 Watch, $239.00

9. TOOL BOX Y350, $40.00

10. CRAFT KNIFE 26B, $10.00

11. MMR-X Brass Torch, $180.00

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