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Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts

Next Sunday, May 13, is Mother’s Day, so don’t be surprised when you next see your mom and she looks a little disappointed at the sight of your empty hands.

You could have at least made a card- that’s what she’ll be thinking- or made some sort of an effort to show a little appreciation. That’s when you’ll surprise her, by magically pulling out a package with one of these thoughtful things tucked inside.

1. HAY Kaleido Trays, $16.00- $59.00

2. KOPPA Birchwood Tool Box, $145.00

3. Universal Tripod, $80.00

4. Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards, $12.95

Mother's Day Gifts

5. Perennial Garden Kit, $90.00

6. Strawberry Windowsill Growbox, $54.00

7. Letters to my Mom, $16.00 (or you could make your own, which may be even better)

8. Rainbow Mirror by Bride & Wolfe, $85.00

Mother's Day Gifts

9. Ikebana Vase, $109.00 – $222.00

10. Orbitkey Rose Gold Leather Keychain, $43.50

11. Tsubo Stress Therapy Sheep, $11.50

12. Retro Basket, $24.00

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