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Daniel Emma’s Gift Ideas

Daniel Emma’s Gift Ideas

The next Gift Idea/Wish list is from Daniel To and Emma Aiston of Daniel Emma. They’ve designed several covetable desk objects and accessories, many of which are on my own personal wish list. Thanks Daniel and Emma for sharing your lists!

Daniel’s Wish List:

1. Space by Christian Hall

2. Magnifier by Us! for Field, $145.00

3. Toaster by plus minus zero, ¥ 5,250

4. Soy Sauce container by Bridget Bodenham, $38.00 AUD

5. ULM stool by Max Bill, € 188,00

Emma Aiston's list

Emma’s Wish List:

6. These roller-skates, $199.00, but I might just have to buy them for myself, because Im probably too old to get them from santa.

7. A years supply of Haribo Gold bears, $1.99 each (the best sweets on earth!)

8. A Pigeon Light in grey, £67.00, so I can read books in bed.

9. I’m expecting this Altdeutsche Cupboard from Daniel on Christmas morning (in my dreams!)

10. This Bikini top, $99.00, and bottom, $89.00, for summertime sun bathing.

About Daniel Emma:
“We (Daniel To and Emma Aiston) established the design studio DANIEL EMMA in 2008, to enable us to express our thoughts through Industrial Design. Our studio works on a large variety of projects, ranging from desk objects to installations.
We look to create the unexpected from simple objects using simple forms, drawing influence and insight from the diverse culture that Australia presents us with. Our designs aim to be ‘just nice’.”


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