30,000 Years of Art


Despite the intimidating title, this book sounds like it would be an excellent resource for anyone looking to understand art in a global sense. Now, I know not many people aspire to be art historians, but it doesn’t hurt to know enough to be able to have a decent conversation without sounding like an idiot. Plus, what would it hurt to broaden your horizons a bit?

“1000 great works of art from all periods and regions in the world.
* Follow-up to Phaidon’s phenomenally successful The Art Book
* An accessible, fun and informative compendium of world art, that offers an original and fresh way of looking at the whole of art history from 28,000 BC to the present day
* Debunks art historical classifications and hierarchies by presenting 1,000 masterworks of art in simple chronological order demonstrating what was being created all over the globe at the same time”


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