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Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography

Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography

Art is, to me, a necessary component of a home. I’ve been wanting to add some photography to the mix of art we currently have, and this book has definitely given me some ideas as to what artists we might further investigate (whether we can afford them is another matter). This rather large book offers brief descriptions and examples of each artist’s work, so that you are privy to recent developments and theories within photography.

“VITAMIN Ph is a global survey of new developments in the medium of photography, featuring 121 living artists who have made a contribution to the international art photography scene in the last five years. VITAMIN Ph presents a stunning collection of 500 images, the magnitude and diversity of which illustrates the integral developments in photography -the dispersal of the medium on the one hand and the reinvention of documentary representation on the other – that have recalibrated the medium in the age of globalization. The artists were nominated by 78 of the world’s top critics, curators and fellow artists…”

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