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5 drawer Classic Cabinet

Whoa, this cabinet by Xavier Pauchard is on sale for $299, from the regular price of $499. The steel cabinet has 5 compartments with doors that swing up and close magnetically, and it’s available in 4 colors: orange, green, cream, and black. There’s also a 10 drawer version in cream or black, on sale for $510 from $850.

Purchase Information:

Price: $299.40
Available from: The Conran Shop US

The Sidebar by urbancase

Do you have an extra 3 grand lying around? If so, you could spend it on this handcrafted bar cabinet by urbancase. It has a sliding panel on the front that reveals compartments inside (perfect for glassware) plus a drop front drawer and a pull-out drawer for tools and such. Mostly it’s a great looking cabinet that doesn’t necessarily look like a liquor cabinet… and, there’s got to be some sort of pleasure in opening it up for the big reveal when you have guests.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,100.00 - 3,500.00
Available from: urbancase

Strung Shelving Unit

Nice. These shelving units are made of 1/2″ thick formed acrylic with rubber cord to create the illusion of floating space. From a distance they look hazy, yet up close they have an interesting linear pattern.


Purchase Information:

Price: $250.00
Available from:

Enchord Mobile Cabinet

Yeah, yeah, you’ve seen the Enchord Desk before, but did you really take note of the Mobile Cabinet? Priced at $429, it’s definitely more expensive than a run-of-the-mill filing cabinet, but it looks a heck of a lot sleeker than those boring (if not awful) cabinets. A recessed tray on the top means small thingamajigs will stay in reach and there’s a handy cutout for cords and cables. More supplies fit in the front drawer, with books and such in one of the lower compartments, and the removable oak file bin is accessible from either side of the cabinet.

Purchase Information:

Price: $429.00
Available from: Herman Miller

Line Media Console

This media console strikes a nice balance between function and aesthetics. The louvered front allows a remote control to operate the devices inside while shielding the messy cords and visual clutter. The wider 70″ version is shown above, but there’s also a 35″ option for smaller spaces.


Purchase Information:

Price: $2,195.00
Available from: Design Within Reach

T.SHELF by J1studio

What the WHAT? This Triangle shelf is crazy good: made from Baltic birch plywood, it arrives in a set of 8 triangles that can be assembled with zipties in 5 different ways (instruction book included). Plus, it’s now on sale. And, if you like the look of it, also be sure to check out the T.shelf table.


Purchase Information:

Price: $400.00
Available from: J1studio

Bentwood Walnut Shelves

Am I reading this right, $369 for walnut wood shelves? Seems entirely suspicious, doesn’t it? Yet it seems to be true. Designed by Sean Dix, this shelving unit with slightly upturned ends has a distinct multi-cultural feel, which is no surprise when learning that Sean Dix has lived in Europe, Hong Kong, Fiji and the Philippines.

Available in a choice of American walnut or white oak.

Purchase Information:

Price: $369.00
Availability: Buy Bentwood Walnut Shelves here

Reflect Sideboard

Designed by Søren Rose Studio for Muuto, the Reflect Sideboard is heavily influenced by traditional Scandinavian furniture. Natural oak wood gives the piece warmth while the curved drawer fronts give detail and interest.

Also, don’t forget you could win an Eero Aarnio Ball Chair from Finnish Design Shop… you have until April 21, 2011.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,762.00
Available from: Finnish Design Shop

Filing Cabinet No. 1

If you’re planning on following Kris’s Paper-free Living guide, then just ignore this little filing cabinet. You won’t need it. However, if you’re the type to hold on to hard copies no matter what, this cabinet is pretty decent for modern-yet-affordable office storage.

Locking file storage accommodates legal or standard sized files.
Available in Black or White.

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Available from: Blu Dot

Sapien Bookcase (Sale)

Goodness knows you’ve seen the Sapien bookcases around. I was reminded just how much I like them when seeing a few side by side in the apartment of Christopher Hitchens (in The Sunday Times: here’s the only photo I could find). The shorter bookcase holds up to 50 books, while the tall can accommodate up to 70.

15% off DWR’s semiannual sale ends March 22, 2011.
Short Sapien Bookcase, $198.00
Tall Sapien Bookcase, $298.00
Support BLTD by buying at DWR.

Purchase Information:

Price: $198.00 - 298.00
Available from: DWR

Readers’ Nest

There’s been a few similarly convenient book rests that we’ve posted (Studio 1 and Book Rest Lamp are two that come to mind) but this one has a bit more space below for a larger stack, perfect for those of us that prefer to have several books available all at once.

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.00
Available from: Finnish Design Shop

Framed Buffet by moca

This varnished buffet by moca is composed of multiple compartments in several different colours, as you can see. While it’s a bit high on the budget scale, the color options are entirely want-worthy and would probably jazz up any dull room in a split second. A black steel frame supports the compartments and gives a nice line to contrast with the visual blocks of color.


Purchase Information:

Price: €3899.00 excl VAT
Available from: moca

Blackboard Storage Cabinet by Peter Jakubik

A blackboard cabinet, offering endless ways to entertain oneself by drawing images, words, etc. on the doors… just how much do your fingers itch to pick up a piece of chalk and get busy making marks? I’m slightly breaking the rules by posting this cabinet, as it’s a brand new, handmade prototype and a only available through placing a custom order. All that said, you can purchase it by emailing Peter Jakubik (


Purchase Information:

Price: €4,000.00 (approx.)
Available from: Peter Jakubik

Studio 1 Oak

These wooden studios by Ferm Living are perfect for a bedside reading rest. I’ve meant to post them before now (see Vertigo Bedding pic), but as usual, it was buried under other bookmarks that I just sorted through last week. They are available in a few different colors, as you can see above, but keep in mind that it’d be easy to change the color to anything you’d want by
covering a cardboard template in fabric or paint.


Purchase Information:

Price: $146.00
Available from: 2modern

Tactile Cabinet

Every time I go into The Conran Shop, I admire this cabinet. With such clean lines and simple white (or black) doors, it’s pretty much the perfect sideboard. It also has a subtle push-click closing that’s a nice touch. We originally posted this back in 2008, but I think it looks just as good as when it first hit the scene.

W81 x D20 x H29 in.
Also available in oak with glossy black doors.
10-12 week lead time.

$3,495.00, Buy it here.

Originally posted Oct 3, 2008.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,495.00
Available from: Conran Shop