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Anywhere Sofa

When you buy an economy piece of furniture, sometimes it comes with a bit of cringe-factor when dealing with the upholstery, but this Anywhere Sofa actually has some upholstery that is very workable.

This surprisingly lightweight convertible sofa is compact, comfortable and capably cool. Boxy and modern, with sophisticated proportions and foldout high-density foam cushions – perfect for accommodating overnight guests or just plain lounging around! Sized small and easily moved, our sofa is sure to look great, well, just about anywhere! Imported. Spot clean.

56″w, 27″h, 24″d; bed folds out to 46″w, 73″d

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $325
Availability: Buy Anywhere Sofa here

Ny Rocking Chair

This folding rocking chair and ottoman is something to seriously consider. It looks pretty good for something so easily transportable/compactible.

Takeshi Nii designed the Ny Rocking Chair and Ottoman in 1958, after he was inspired by an ad for a director’s chair in an archival magazine from the 1930s. Using the same basic structure – a simple folding frame wrapped with durable canvas – he designed Ny to be a lounge chair. Ny, which is pronounced nee and is the Danish word for “new,” remains an innovative concept in folding chairs 50 years after its introduction. At only 14.5 lbs, the Ny folds into a compact 5.5″ form that can stand on its own discreetly in the corner, or be easily picked up and moved wherever an extra lounge chair needed. Said Nii of the design, “I wanted to produce a chair where one can just sit and relax after eating a nice meal.” The Ny Rocking Chair is included in the permanent collection at MoMA.

Chair: $450.00, Buy it here.
Ottoman: $175.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $450.00
Availability: Buy Ny Rocking Chair here

Source: Via

Pedro Low Stool

Check out these low stools by Craig Bond of Candywhistle, New Zealand.

Powder coated steel.
19.75″ diameter x 15″ h

Purchase Information:

Price: $525.00
Availability: Buy Pedro Low Stool here

Mutabor seating and storage

Such an interesting piece, it can be used as seating and a storage bin.

Mutabor m is an innovative combination of rigid lines and fluid shapes. multiple pieces can be combined to form a modular seating arrangement. upside down, these seats double as a storage bin. turned on their side, they act as a table. constructed from a single sheet of powder-coated steel. suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. 60x30x38h cm [23.6″x11.8″x15″].

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $325.00
Availability: Buy Mutabor seating and storage here

Astrid and Cleo Upholstered Chairs

Um, so maybe these chairs have very traditional frames, and maybe that’s not your thing, but please pay attention to the fabrics chosen, and how those patterned fabrics can update and modernize a piece. Plus, eccentricity isn’t a bad word, not to mention a bad approach to designing/decorating your home, after all, it’s your space to fill with what you like and love.

Astrid Chair, Pears: $1,298.00,
Buy it here. (38″H, 29″W, 35″D)

Cleo Chair, Grade B (Custom): $1,298.00, Buy it here. (33″H, 32″W, 31″D)

Astrid Chair, Snapdragon: $1,498.00, Buy it here. (38″H, 29″W, 35″D)

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,298.00
Availability: Buy Astrid and Cleo Upholstered Chairs here

Tato Stool by enrico baleri and denis santachiara for baleri italia

The Tato series is a surprisingly comfortable group of polyurethane spheres, ovals and other shapes suitable for use as footrests or stools. available in polyamide stretch fabric (noted as malaga wool in the fabric options menu) or stretch wool fabric. the covers are easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

Replacement covers available separately.

[posted by kris]

Folding chair by Tove Adman

This is a pretty interesting chair. I’m a little perplexed by the shape, not entirely modern and it looks like an aeronautical device more than a chair, but with a leather cover it trims it up a bit and makes it look more interesting.

Available in polished or matte polished aluminum to be mounted on a wall. Available accessories: cover of reindeer skin or black leather imitation.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $179.15
Availability: Buy Folding chair by Tove Adman here

Felt Chair

Great Children’s Chair made of steam bent ash wood with removable industrial felt cover.

dimensions: 16 H x 14 W x 16 D inches/seat height approx. 8 H in.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $220
Availability: Buy Felt Chair here

Source: Via

Czar Day Bed

“Frame is made of hardwood construction with elastic straps to insure good quality and stability. The upholstery of the czar is made of corrected Italian leather for a luxurious look and feel. CFS foam filling allows for ultra cushiony comfort. Feet are made of tubular stainless steel for an extra modern touch. The daybed is available in several classic colors, perfect for any modern setting.hardwood frame construction with elastic straps.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

pl103 3-seater sofa by Lissoni

This sofa looks amazingly comfortable. Instead of the seating angle being at 90 degrees, it’s more tilted towards 115 degrees, giving you the ultimate in lounging comfort.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $8683.00
Availability: Buy pl103 3-seater sofa by Lissoni here

Nelson Coconut Chair

This classic deserves consideration if you’re in the market for an iconic (and comfortable) lounge chair.

“Intended to combine comfort with freedom of movement, the shape of the Coconut Chair’s white molded shell was inspired by the shape of Eero Saarinen’s Kresge Auditorium at MIT. Echoing both the auditorium’s triangular shape, as well as a portion of coconut shell, the Chair’s unique form invites a number of different seating positions. The shell sits upon a chromed-steel base with three thin legs. A single-piece foam cushion, upholstered in high-quality semi-aniline leather, is molded into the shell.”

H 33″ W 40″ D 34″

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,899.00
Availability: Buy Nelson Coconut Chair here

boing sofa by tokujin yoshioka

Tokujin Yoshioka apprenticed to both Shiro Kuramata and Issey Miyake before he started designing his own line of furniture for Driade.

“Designed by tokujin yoskioka, 2005 for driade. Yoshioka is an award-winning designer whose thoughts about design are that the creator should show something surprising and joyful. his work may look understated but there is a deeper meaning of something that is both poetic and ready-to-sell. The Boing sofa is simple yet interesting. the three place sofa’s structure is made in chromed steel , the shell and foam with metal inserts and the fixed cover is made of leather in ivory, red, or blue.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $15,829.00
Availability: Buy boing sofa by tokujin yoshioka here

iBride Stools and Cloud Shelves

iBride, best known for their odd-yet-interesting animal platters and trays, now have a collection of laminate stools that take inspiration from sheep and dogs, or rather, the bottom halves of sheep and dogs. The Cloud Shelves are really something as well, and not just for a kid’s room either.

pictured left to right, top to bottom:
Zelda Basset Stool (also available in red): $360.00, Buy it here.

Nimbus Cloud Shelf: $560.00,
Buy it here.
Cirrus Cloud Shelf (not pictured): $350.00,
Buy it here.
Scotty Stool: $400.00,
Buy it here.

Sultan Red Dog Stool (also available in black): $350.00,
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $350.00-$560.00
Availability: Buy iBride Stools and Cloud Shelves here

Roadrunner side chair

I love the simplicity of the lines of this bamboo dining chair.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $383.00
Availability: Buy Roadrunner side chair here

Rochelle Sofa by Gus Design

With definite roots in mid-century design, this sofa has some rather nice detailing with the exposed wood and button-tufting.

‘Solid wood legs elevate this Gus Modern couch off the ground, effecting a unique “floating” look. The wood detailing extends up the back of the sofa for a striking visual accent. Button-tufted fabric upholstery achieves a pleasing loft for hours of relaxation, while a tight back eliminates the need to continually arrange and tidy loose cushions.’

84″W x 38″H x 29.5″D.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,829.00
Availability: Buy Rochelle Sofa by Gus Design here