Ghost Chair

This is a spectacular piece. I saw one at Issey Miyake in Tokyo and it had a sign in it that said “no sitting”, so I can’t report on the comfort level. For me I believe the main comfort issue would be the knowledge that I’m sitting in a glass chair. Obviously it’s more of an “impact piece” than something you’ll want to lounge around in, but it really is breathtaking in person.

0.5” thick curved glass

37.38” width, 29.5” depth, 26.75” height

Purchase Information:

Price: $5,765.00
Availability: Buy Ghost Chair here

Kiel Futon

I just made a new friend over at Grass Roots Modern and he has some pretty cool stuff on his site. My favorite is this amazingly cheap and attractive sofa.

Purchase Information:

Price: $350.00
Availability: Buy Kiel Futon here

Chaos chair

Look at these crazy chairs! It’s upholstered polyurethane with polyester filling. The cover can be made with your own material. That means you pick out fabric or leather from anywhere in the world and you give it to them. They’ll make the cover for you. Nice.

Purchase Information:

Price: $2160.00
Availability: Buy Chaos chair here

Figure Stool

Made out of solid mango wood, this little stool could be considered a steal for the price. Yesterday I saw something really very quite similar for about four times as much. It had a little bit more character to it, and a slightly different shape, but I’m guessing if you’re pinching pennies certain sacrifices are necessary.

Made in Thailand.
12″ round x 18″h

Purchase Information:

Price: $149.00
Availability: Buy Figure Stool here

Chair One

The Chair One looks like something made in the 80′s intended to look like it was made in 2020. Whatever decade it was actually made in, I love this chair. It’s weather-proofed so it would look equally great indoors or outdoors.

an exceptionally versatile indoor/outdoor seating system, the chair is one of the most original and important seating designs to come along in years. chair legs are polished anodized aluminum and seats are die-cast aluminum, cataphoretically-treated and painted in red, white or anthracite polyester powder. a concrete base version is available as well as swivel and public seating variations. the concrete base is painted transparent clear.

Designer: Konstantin Grcic

Purchase Information:

Price: $886.00
Availability: Buy Chair One here

Prince Chair

I saw this chair what seems forever ago in some bad picture of some furniture show, don’t remember which. But, man, I love it. I really might have to save up my money for it (for real). It’s stellar.

“The Prince Chair was originally designed for an invite only competition to give form to a chair for His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Denmark. Made from powder coated laser cut steel with wool covered rubber seat and back.”

Designed by Louise Campbell.

W39 x D31.5 x H31.5 “

Purchase Information:

Price: kr16.699,00
Availability: Buy Prince Chair here

the “b” chair

This is a striking chair with a cantilevered seat. It’s a little pricy to buy more than one, (unless you have that kind of budget) but if you were looking for a signature piece for a study or main entry way, this might be your chair.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1800
Availability: Buy the “b” chair here

BdLove Lamp

Especially well suited for outdoor or rather large residential spaces, the BdLove Lamp is a bench with built in lighting.

Can be used outside or inside.
Dimensions: 55.5″ x 47.25″ x 118.2″h

Purchase Information:

Price: $2436
Availability: Buy BdLove Lamp here

Random chair

This chair is quite amazing. It’s made with epoxy drained carbon fiber that is coiled over a single sided mould.

Purchase Information:

Price: $999.00
Availability: Buy Random chair here

Gubi Stools Leather

I think if I had a bar, I’d buy these barstools. Sure, they’re a bit pricey, but look at the shape! And read about the technique (from retromodern):

“The Gubi Stool is the very first industrial product based on an innovative technique of moulding 3-D veneer – a process invented in Germany by Dr. Achim Möller and developed by the Reholz GmbH Company. With all edges turned away from the human body, a soft organically shaped shell is formed, creating the characteristic “body” of the chair that comforts you and invites you to touch it.”

The Gubi stool is available in an oak or walnut shell with a seat laminated in dark brown or black leather. Frame is chromed steel.

Counter height (25.5″) and bar height (29.5″) are available; Bar height with walnut shells and dark brown leather are stocked while other configurations take about 8 weeks.

Purchase Information:

Price: $675.00
Availability: Buy Gubi Stools Leather here

Zumi Stool

Constructed of 3 identical pieces of molded plywood, this was designed by Shuichiro Koizumi who worked retail in Offi’s store in Tokyo. He designed the chair and his manager liked it so much that he brought it to the owner of Offi who immediately offered to develop it.

Purchase Information:

Price: $159.00
Availability: Buy Zumi Stool here

William & Mary Metro Cafe Chair

The past influences the present- as seen here in the William & Mary Metro Cafe Chair and End Table. I tend towards really appreciating products that meld old styles with new; somehow it gives a sense of history to homes without sacrificing a clean aesthetic.

Materials: Layered birch plywood, hardwood accents and veneer on outside profiles.
Available in Maple veneer on birch or walnut veneer on birch

Purchase Information:

Price: $498.00
Availability: Buy William & Mary Metro Cafe Chair here

Bingo Pouf with Tray Table

I love multi-purpose furniture and the Bingo Pouf is just that. It’s a table that converts to seating/lounging/sleeping furniture in seconds.
“By easily unfolding the Bingo, a full-length sleep surface is created for impromptu guests. High-density foam provides a firm, non-collapsing surface for both seating and sleeping. The upholstery is a weave of wool and synthetic fibers for combined durability and softness.”

Made in Denmark.

Available in red or charcoal.

Purchase Information:

Price: $348.00
Availability: Buy Bingo Pouf with Tray Table here

Bale Chair

This has been around the blogger’s block a few times, but I think it’s worth a little bit of talk here on our site. What to do with all those old newspapers? Or that huge stack of magazines? Well, make a chair out of it, of course! It’s not often that you’re involved in the design process of your furniture, so think about it. It’d be fun. And you could change it as often as you like.

“Each Bale Chair consists of a molded plywood seat shell and plywood base made from FSC certified wood veneers, nylon levelers and two recycled polyester webbing straps with steel buckles.”

White or Black straps
d:18″, w:17″, h:15″

Purchase Information:

Price: $150.00
Availability: Buy Bale Chair here

Source: Via

Vilan Recliner

One of my best friends recently purchased a great 60′s home and really modernized it by redoing the kitchen, wall colors and floors without changing the bones of the house (lots of unadorned windows, open floor-plan, etc.) The furnishings are great as well. Each room is layed out perfectly. In her bedroom, she had this great chair with a throw draped over the back. I was sure she dropped about $3000 on it. I asked her where she got it. “Ikea” she said. I was floored. We all know that Ikea furniture is infamous for being identifiable and it’s something that we all try to avoid, but in some instances (as long as you don’t do your entire house in Ikea) it can totally work. This picture doesn’t really do the chair justice. In the right setting, it can fool the snobbiest of furniture snobs.

Purchase Information:

Price: $129.00
Availability: Buy Vilan Recliner here