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Miss Susan

Have a guess to what this is. Hint: it is not a plate, nor a pie chart showing wood consumption, and the title probably gives it away…

Purchase Information:

Price: $175.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Terracotta Wine Carafe and Cooler

This carafe and cooler by Normal Studio uses the cooling properties of terracotta to keep your beverages at a slightly chilled temperature. When soaked in cold water prior to use, the carafe and cooler will slowly release moisture to cool the wine inside the carafe.

Purchase Information:

Price: $98.00
Available from: Design Within Reach

Wine Decanters

Someone I know is in the market for a wine decanter, so what better way to help than show a smattering of easy-on-the-eye options? See below for images, prices, and links.

Teema Mini Serving Set

Shapes! Color! Spice up your hors d’oeuvres with this mini serving set from Iittala. The Teema mini serving set includes three pieces of Kaj Franck’s basic forms- a circle, a square and a triangle. Use one piece for a small snack or all three and more for a proper tapas dinner.

Purchase Information:

Price: $54.00
Available from: Finnish Design Shop

Certamente Salad Servers

Update: Remember these? Originally posted mid 2010, these salad servers are still available, they just needed an update to the current retailer and price.

How often do you swoon over salad servers? Well, assign Konstantin Grcic the task of designing kitchen and table utensils and suddenly we’re all hearing our hearts thump. These are part of the Passami il Sale collection from Konstantin Grcic and Serafino Zani.

Purchase Information:

Price: $70.00
Available from: Huzza

Simply Glass sets

So, if you like slightly-tinted glassware, such as the Future Glass Set by Peter Svarrer, check out these glasses by Klaus Rath for Stelton. Plus, good news, they’re slightly less expensive: the Tall Simply Glass set is $68* for set of 4 and the regular Simply Glass set is $45 for set of 4.


Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00 - 68.00
Available from: Plastica

Glass Beverage Dispenser

Instead of refilling your guests’ glasses every five seconds, add this dispenser to your spring/summer soiree and sit back and enjoy yourself. The handmade glass beaker holds seven quarts of your favorite drink and is topped off with a natural cork cap. (Do note that the spigot is unfortunately silver-tone plated plastic- but I suppose that’s what you get for $50).


Purchase Information:

Price: $49.95
Available from: CB2

Techno Plates

Whoa, check out these lookers. Bold patterns with a punch of color now and then is just what a ho-hum tabletop needs, and these hi-gloss porcelain plates will mix and match well with a plain white service. Of course, even if you decide to go crazy and get a whole set, you still won’t break the bank, as each plate is just under 4 bucks.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3.95
Available from: CB2

Napkin Notes by DCI

Along the lines of Hello Napkins and Napkin Notebook (which both appear to no longer be available), these napkins encourage you to put pen to disposable paper for those important ideas at parties, work gatherings, etc.

Yellow legal pad or “Hello” name tag napkins.
Dimensions: 5″ x 5″ cocktail napkin

Purchase Information:

Price: $5.00
Available from: Quirk Gallery

Salad Servers

Salad servers are one of those things that get overlooked, unless you did (or are doing) the whole gift registry thing for your wedding/celebration/housewarming/etc. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a specific pair of salad servers (the shame!) and running across these three options, I might just decide to remedy the situation. See below for details on each set.

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00 - 95.00
Availability: Buy Salad Servers here

Noble glass travel thermos

If you’re crazy about tea, as in crazy enough to want a specific travel thermos with an inbuilt stainless steel infuser, then you’ll go bonkers over this glass and bamboo version. It’s double-paned, of course, to keep your fingers protected and your tea hot or cold, depending on your preference. And, speaking as a crazy tea person, there is something nice about glass carafe rather than stainless steel- just don’t go knocking it about like it’s unbreakable.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Hidden Message Cups

Not many of us know how to read braille, and I’m not sure that owning these 4 cups with the lines “Be Kind,” “Breathe Deep,” “Love Yourself,” and “Make Time” will actually help us learn, but they do look nice, don’t they? The phrases are also printed on the bottom of each cup, so perhaps you can test yourself each time you use one.


Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00 for s/4
Available from: Uncommon Goods

45° Butter Case

A butter dish isn’t much to write home about, nor is your budget likely to allow $85 for one, but let’s just focus a second on the details. This is made from wood, so it’s a friendlier receptacle that doesn’t clink or clang as porcelain does, and it would be a bit warmer to the touch if you keep your butter in the fridge. Plus, it has its own knife which allows you to scrape every bit of the case clean and is meant to be stored alongside so you’re not without a utensil. Sometimes the smallest of details add pleasure to a rather normal daily routine.


Purchase Information:

Price: $85.41
Available from: Analogue Life

Tea Sieve

Hmm, what do we have here? It’s a tea sieve that doubles as a stirrer once your tea is brewed. While this does seem handy as it negates the need for a spoon, one wonders how difficult it might be to clean. (If you decide to purchase it, please share.)

“Fill the sieve with your favorite loose leaf tea, brew and then push down to close the vents.”

Designer: Carl Mertens
Material: Stainless Steel Satin Finish
Dimensions: 6.7″l x .6″dia

Purchase Information:

Price: $42.00
Available from: HORNE

Recycled Glass Tumblers

If your glassware needs updating, consider these 100% recycled glass bottles turned into tumblers. Hand finished at the rim, they have an ever-so-slight color tint.

from the Green Glass Company (you may purchase glassware from their site as well, fyi).
Dishwasher safe.

Recycled Glass Mist Tumbler, $12.00
4.5”h x 3”w
Recycled Glass Mardi Gras Tumbler, $12.00
3.25″h x 3.5″w

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00
Available from: Rain Collection