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Grace Rug

Even though this rug’s pattern is barely there, and not at all ‘pattern-y’, there’s a nice quality that adds some interest without distraction.

“Created in a colorway that’s only available at DWR, the Grace Rug (1999) was named in honor of Angela Adams’ great aunt. “I always thought my aunt Grace was very cool because she could whistle with two fingers,” says Adams. Capturing a pattern that could represent a burst of light or sound (or Grace’s whistle), the Rug’s depth and texture is highlighted by Adams’ use of color and thick pile. Hand tufted out of 100% New Zealand wool, the Grace Rug’s 1″ pile is soft and inviting. The edging is resolved without having to use a band, and the smooth cotton backing is attached using a natural rubber latex adhesive.”

100% New Zealand wool; cotton monk’s cloth; natural rubber latex.

W 8′ D 10′($1699.00) or W 5′ D 8′ ($899.00)

Purchase Information:

Price: $899.00
Available from: DWR

Laser Cut Rug- Round

Just at five foot (diameter), this wool blend rug’s crisp pattern will provide a monochromatic detail to whichever room you want.

“wool blend felt. imported. professional cleaning recommended.”

Available in Truffle or Flax.

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $399.00
Availability: Buy Laser Cut Rug- Round here

‘Contemporary Rugs’

Check out these rugs on sale- the only drawback is that the site doesn’t specify the materials used, so before you buy you might want to ask them.

All prices below for 5×8 size (but larger sizes are available).

Item # M-41(Black/White Stripe), Sale: $301.50, Buy it here.
Item # ART-54 (Red Dot), Sale: $603.00,Buy it here.
Item # G-59 (Zebra-ish Pattern), Sale: $504.00, Buy it here.
Item # G84 (Green Modern Rug), Sale: $504.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $301.50-$603.00
Availability: Buy ‘Contemporary Rugs’ here

Cowskin Goat Rug

I never quite thought that I would describe a cowhide rug as beautiful, but these shimmery highlights of gold really transform a rather normal hide into something special.

Available in White & Silver Metallic, Beige and Silver, or Beige and Gold Metallic.

apx. size is 6.5′ x 7.5′

(Link and price updated July 08, 2012.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $729.00
Availability: Buy Cowskin Goat Rug here

Zephyr Rug

Great abstract black and white patterned rug…you can’t go wrong with this one.

“Plush white 100% bikaner wool is handwoven, then over-twisted with black wool matrix in abstract motion.”

Rug. 5’x8′, $299.00
Rug. 8’x10′, $599.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00
Availability: Buy Zephyr Rug here

Giraffe Rug

This struck me at first as honeycomb-patterned rather than giraffe, but either way it’s a decently patterned rug with a reasonable price tag.

“A bold animal print for the urban jungle. Hand-tufted looped and cut
pile lends rich dimension and sumptuous softness. 85% wool/15% viscose.
Imported. Clay/ivory.”

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Fuller Rug from Peace Industry

Felted rug from Iran made with Fair Trade practices and environmental considerations in mind.

“Peace Industry rugs are not woven, but pressed. Layers of wool fibers are arranged in the desired pattern on a tarp on the floor and boiling water is sprinkled on the top. The tarp is then rolled up, and the roll is walked on and worked until the wool sets. This entire process is done by hand, ensuring that each rug is unique. Made from wool that’s chosen for its strength and durability, Peace Industry rugs are naturally stain-resistant and the high content of lanolin protects them from foot traffic and wear and tear. Over time, the rugs will continue to soften and the colors will brighten. The Raissinas have a strong commitment to the environment and Fair Trade practices – the felting process requires no chemicals or toxins, and they guarantee that no worker is paid sub-living wages. Made in Iran.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $2020
Availability: Buy Fuller Rug from Peace Industry here

Reuber-Henning Rugs: Sterntaler and Fairy Tale

Absolutely wonderful. I love how the imagery is against such a sparse background. You folks flush with enough cash to get something of this sort are very, very lucky.

‘Franziska Henning calls her carpets “Poetic Images” – images that “have been inspired by a wide variety of regions, periods and moods.” The designs of our first collection are partly based on German 19th-century silhouette cutouts and traditional Japanese woodcuts…Our rugs are knotted from fine Himalaya wool and chinese silk following ancient Tibetan handicraft traditions. We want to create rugs that belong to people, beautiful rugs in the very best quality, which will keep creating a special atmosphere a whole life long, and whose beauty and character only grow stronger with the passing years.’

Sterntaler (left) and Fairy Tale shown.

[via mighty goods]

Purchase Information:

Price: $4,068
Availability: Buy Reuber-Henning Rugs: Sterntaler and Fairy Tale here

Barnaby Barford ‘World Map’ rug

I love this rug by Mr. Barford. Think of the possibilities: you could test guests on what country is where or you could use it to dream of future travels (or just your personal pursuit of domination) worldwide.

“Have the world at your feet with this beautiful rug. 100% wool rug, hand-tufted in India.

Available in warm grey with cream or cream with red.”

Size: L 245cm x W 150cm

[via wallpaper]

Twinkle Living Formosa Rug

I really like this rug with it’s quirky design of birds and leaves and clouds(?). The color palette seems just enough ‘off’ to keep it looking like a collector’s item, yet the dark background with an overall decorative pattern gives it a hint of tradition which would help it mix in nicely with an eclectic sort of room.

“Originally trained in the arts, Wenlan draws all of her own patterns for both her home and fashion collections. With custom prints and designs inspired by imagery culled from a life spent working in the arts, traveling the world, and escaping with idle daydreams, Wenlan brings a fresh point of view to her work and is thrilled to translate her ideas into a line of unique but accessible collection for the home.”

100% Hand tufted New Zealand wool.

8′ X 10′

Purchase Information:

Price: $2,240.00
Availability: Buy Twinkle Living Formosa Rug here

Inzhan Rug

I like the large characters on this rug- it would give some foreign flair to a room while still keeping a simple color palette.

‘Larger than life Mandarin characters create impressive “inzhan” (translation: “personal stamp”). 100% fine virgin wool hand-tufted bold with graphic poppy on plush neutral brown.’

5’x8′ or 8’x10′.

Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00
Availability: Buy Inzhan Rug here

HZL, Epic Bazaar and Night Frost Rug

The HZL kids certainly keep up their commitment to interesting rugs- these are just two of my favorites from an extensive line, so if you’re in the market for a modern rug, I suggest a look.

“These wool rugs offer rich style in thick 100% handtufted New Zealand wool. New Zealand wool is the best available due to its high lanolin content… Special hand carving and combination cut and loop pile is very unusual craftmanship. The surfaces are soft and thick, making these rugs indulgently luxurious and sophisticated…”

Available in sizes:
55 x 79
67 x 94
79 x 79
98 x 98

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,825.00
Availability: Buy HZL, Epic Bazaar and Night Frost Rug here

Wow Rug

Just under $300 for a nice sized area rug…not bad. Several color choices as well.

“When you marry a thick, rich pile to the clean, understated simplicity of a textured circle motif, the result – and the response – is Wow. Few mills offer this kind of heavy, luxurious rug; few rugs have this kind of impact. Modern, refined, with real punch, especially in larger sizes.”

Bentley Prince Street is committed to Mission Zero(tm), ” our promise to eliminate any negative impact our products may have on the environment by 2020.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $292.00
Availability: Buy Wow Rug here

Padme Rug

I really like how the overall design is made up of small dots/circles, so that it lends a contemporary feel to a more tradtional flowered pattern.

Padme, design by Mercedes Jaen, brown, 100% new wool, cotton backing


Purchase Information:

Price: $1580.00-$1,610.00
Availability: Buy Padme Rug here

Sketch Rug

This has such a simple pattern, but it’s just enough to make the room interesting.

– Hand-hooked and tufted
– 100% cotton; colorfast
– Professional cleaning recommended
– Imported

5’x8′ or 8’x10′

Purchase Information:

Price: $249.00
Availability: Buy Sketch Rug here