Sarah Morris Carpet

This probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but personally, this carpet makes my head explode. The whole Artware Editions site has some great stuff (posted the wallpapers in remodel section yesterday) so if you get a chance you might want to browse through the various artists’ editions.

This carpet design by Sarah Morris is available as wall-to-wall carpeting, or bound as a custom-sized area rug. A 12′ minimum width is required.

printed nylon carpet, designed 2006

$12.00 per square foot, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00
Availability: Buy Sarah Morris Carpet here

Oto Collection

Whoa, take a look at these automobile-inspired rugs; brace yourself though, prices start at $7,938.00.

Purchase Information:

Price: $7,938.00
Availability: Buy Oto Collection here

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Rangoli Rug

Nani Marquina has an excellent selection of floor coverings, and luckily right now you can get 20% off this one from DWR (Rug and Upholstery sale through January 27, 2009). Update: Sale over.


Purchase Information:

Price: $3,200.00
Availability: Buy Rangoli Rug here

Raw Rug

Check this out: recycled from manufacturing waste, this rug is hand stitched together to make a new unique striped pattern.

Purchase Information:

Price: $600.00
Availability: Buy Raw Rug here

Selina Rose Textiles

The wool felt cut-out patterns of Selina Rose are simply lovely.

Selina [Rose] uses innovative cutting-edge technology with 100% wool felt to create unique interior products. The product range includes rugs, window panels, room dividers, screens, table runners, cushions, lighting, and wallcoverings. Her innovative felt surfaces are suitable for a broad range of applications and are available to commission for private, residential and commercial interiors.

Bloom table runner, 40 x 145 cm, £99.00
Bloom rug, 120cm x 120cm, £450.00

Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: £99.00
Availability: Buy Selina Rose Textiles here

Flocks Aran Rug

Whoa. I saw this last week, but it wasn’t until I saw the full scale did I actually realize why it might cost more than a used car. Really something.


Purchase Information:

Price: $11,300.00
Availability: Buy Flocks Aran Rug here

Grey Skies Lounge Rug by HZL

This Grey Skies Rug offers an airy reference without straying from the basic black/white/grey scheme which gives you a fair amount of freedom when it comes to completely changing your décor.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,930.00
Availability: Buy Grey Skies Lounge Rug by HZL here

October Lounge Rug

The rich colors of this rug capture autumn perfectly.

Purchase Information:

Price: $2,100.00
Availability: Buy October Lounge Rug here

Concentric Rug

Sometimes a simple graphic rug is all you need to tie a room together.

“Stylish and whimsical circles make this rug a sure eye catcher. Carved mini shags make up this machine woven rugs in high quality poly.”

Colors Used: Flecked throughout black and cream.
Made in Belgium

4’x6′: $250.00
5’x8′: $500.00
7’x10′: $750.00
8’x11′: $1000.00

Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $250.00-$1000.00
Availability: Buy Concentric Rug here

puzzle carpet by magis me too collection

I love how thick this carpet is.

make flooring fun with the innovative, interactive puzzle carpet by satyendra pakhale. the pieces interlock with each other in numerous ways and each set comes with 7 puzzle pieces. buy several sets and cover the floor! the puzzle carpet comes in 3 natural patterns: water, sand, and grass.

Each piece is 14″ x 14″ and .6″ thick

(price/retailer info updated 01/19/09)

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $189.00
Availability: Buy puzzle carpet by magis me too collection here

Ísbjürn / Ice Bear Rug by Sruli Recht

The same designer who brought us the Cutting Table No. 1 has now released this special edition of 10 Ísbjürn / Ice Bear Rugs. Playing with the ubiquitous animal skin rug idea, there’s part play and part serious commentary on luxury goods.


Purchase Information:

Price: $3,100.00
Availability: Buy Ísbjürn / Ice Bear Rug by Sruli Recht here

The Rug Company & RugMark

The Rug Company recently joined RugMark, the foundation dedicated to ending child labor in the handmade carpet industry. If you’re not familiar with either you can follow a few links and find out that this is a very good thing, because a major player in the rug industry jumping on this particular boat signals a shift in industry standards of child-labor-free carpets.

The prices are a little higher, but the particular peace of mind of knowing that a rug is child-labor-free seems well worth saving up for…Plus, there’s some pretty intriguing designs by some kind-of-quirky designers that The Rug Company has up their sleeve…I’m kind of in love with some of the stranger ones, too many to show them all, but here’s a handful:

(shown left to right)
Swirl by Paul Smith
Carmelina by
The Rug Company
Overleaf by Marni
Love Heart by Vivienne Westwood
Palette by Fiona Curran

$32.50- $230.00 per square foot, from a 3’x5′ to a 18’x12′ (this means anywhere between $485.00 to $49,680.00(!))

To learn more, visit RugMark Foundation

John Deere Rug

Bring a rural feel to your urban environment with this rug by Permafrost.

“Designed in Norway, manufactured in Sweden, wool from New Zealand and inspired by a common image of rural America, the John Deere tractor. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.”

Available in Grass (green) or Mud (brown).
63″ diameter

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,689.00
Availability: Buy John Deere Rug here

Stampede FLOR Carpet Tiles

Hmm. This could be an interesting option if you’re fond of carpet tiles.

Look: Patterned tributes to the beloved Holstein. Dairy cow-sized spots in four colors on fields of white with subtle flecks. Touch: Plusher than a cowhide: a cut and loop combination gives it pleasant varied softness. Be Smart: Don’t run with the herd: spot markings on Stampede are irregularly placed and tiles are designed to be installed randomly for a hide-inspired abstract artwork for your floor. The Details: 19.7″ x 19.7″. 100% Nylon face fiber. Made in the USA. FLOR recommends installing tiles in either the same direction or a parquet style.

All tiles are 19.7″ x 19.7″
(For a 4’x6′ rug, it’d cost you about $176.00.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.99
Availability: Buy Stampede FLOR Carpet Tiles here

Hide Rug- Zebra

A cowhide dyed to look like a zebra seems a little wrong, but definitely not as wrong as an actual zebra hide (in my opinion). So if you’ve got to have the look, here’s an option.

“Cheer up a bland living room with a splash of stripes! This dramatic zebra pattern has been dyed onto a top grain cow hide to give you a high style look that won’t break the bank.”

approx 7′ x 5′

Purchase Information:

Price: $575.00
Availability: Buy Hide Rug- Zebra here