Carousel Candles

I love these. There’s the magical feel, of course, but also they look so delicate as to be a rather special find. Click on the ‘buy it here’ link in order to see them in action.

“Our products are powered by the very candle. Using the heat from the candle it powers a rotary carousel to spin clockwise or anticlockwise. Carousel Candle is reuseable and brings a magic to any room in which it is used.”

[posted by katie]

More information:

View Carousel Candles here

Filo Square Pendant and Sconce

This feather like paper pendant and sconce look like they would add a good amount of soft light. I think it would look stellar to do three pendants in row above a dining table.

“Filo paper and a brushed nickel shade. This wispy lighting piece is more like illuminated art and will give any room a new approach to lighting.”

16″h x 7″w pendant.
Includes 50 watt MR16 halogen bulb.

Purchase Information:

Price: $265.00
Availability: Buy Filo Square Pendant and Sconce here

Abaca Pendant

These woven Abaca light spheres can be either plugged in or hardwired with the conversion kit. Uses 60W bulb (not included).

small: 9.25″diam

medium: 13.25″diam

large: 16.5″diam

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.00-$129.00
Availability: Buy Abaca Pendant here

Crochet Pendant Lamps

These pendant lamps seem to be a good deal- they have an interesting texture and they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

“Crisp geometry meets loopy crochet in our three cotton pendant lights. Painstakingly crocheted by hand, the basket forms are dipped in a starch solution to preserve their shapes. Emits a warm and romantic glow. Three unique shapes to choose from. Choose from tepee, cone, or dome. Tepee measures 16″ in diameter x 28″H. Cone and dome each measure 24″ in diameter x 17″H. Ships in 2-4 weeks.”

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $206.00
Availability: Buy Crochet Pendant Lamps here

Orchadia Light by Mark McKenna

This looks amazing. I love the delicate frames with the tiny lights suspended within- it must be beautiful to watch it spin slowly around…

-Made from a Printed Circuit Board, tiny, honey-colored lights float within a robotically animated
-incandescent bulbs
-19.75″ x 47.25″ overall size,
-7m cord length

Purchase Information:

Price: $479.00
Availability: Buy Orchadia Light by Mark McKenna here

KULLA Table lamp

Here’s a great new desk lamp from Ikea. It’s large in scale and looks great in person. It has a built-in three-way touch dimmer on the lamp which operates as the switch. Diffuser on top of lamp provides a glare-free light.

Diameter: 16 ”

Height: 22 ”

Cord length: 6 ‘ 7 “

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.99
Availability: Buy KULLA Table lamp here

Reveal Lamp by Adam Frank

Living in an vast expanse of concrete? Don’t have enough windows or trees? This lamp creates the effect of moving branches on a tree outside a window.

“As air currents pass through the projector, the branches of the projected tree appear to sway in a gentle, morning breeze. An ideal solution for small, urban spaces, and rooms that could use a “view”.”

Approx. 8″W x 6″L x 8″H

(This item’s link and price was updated 11/19/09.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $389.00
Availability: Buy Reveal Lamp by Adam Frank here

Tonka Lamp

Here’s a cool little table (or floor) lamp. I like how the silver laminate and the exposed edges play with the traditional idea of a lamp silhouette.

“The crisp, clean lines of the Tonka lamp bring an elegant simplicity to your contemporary decor. Available as a table or floor lamp, it is an ideal choice for your bedside or your favorite corner.”

Laminated multiplex

small: 4.75″W x 7″L x 19.75″H
large: 6.25″W x 9.5″L x 47.25″H

Purchase Information:

Price: $665.00-1179.00
Availability: Buy Tonka Lamp here

Standing Blue Lamp by Isamu Noguchi, 1952

Noguchi is well known for his lighting designs, and this one is certainly considered a classic.

“Akari Light Sculptures by Isamu Noguchi are considered icons of 1950s modern design. Designed by Noguchi beginning in 1951 and handmade for over half a century by the original manufacturer in Gifu, Japan, the paper lanterns are a harmonious blend of Japanese handcraft and modernist form. Created from handmade washi paper and bamboo ribbing, and supported by a metal frame.”

27h x 18″d

Note: MoMA Store no longer carries this particular lamp, but you might check out the Noguchi Museum Shop for other lamps.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Stuart Haygarth Lighting

I think I first learned of Stuart Haygarth from Mocoloco when they did a post on his Tide Chandelier. After seeing it I wanted to start collecting colorful garbage to make something similar, but, of course, that idea got lost by the wayside.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen or heard of his work yet, I strongly encourage you to take a look. He uses collections of objects to create beautiful chandeliers- his quote will summarize his projects better than I ever could:

“The objects are normally collected in large quantities categorized and assembled in a way that transforms their meaning. My work is about giving banal and overlooked objects a new significance. The finished piece of work takes various forms such as chandeliers, installations, functional and sculptural objects.”

Prices range from 2,500 GBP to 12,000 GBP.

Puff Column

A different take on modern lighting, this inflatable floor lamp would be an interesting way to shed some light in a corner or beside a sofa.

Inflatable, soft PVC floor lamp.

23.5″/47″H 17.7″ Ø

Purchase Information:

Price: $349.00
Availability: Buy Puff Column here


Check out this modern interpretation of the well known Venus- I especially like the blue…

“The beauty of the Venus de Milo is illuminated with this ultra-modern version of one of the world’s most celebrated sculptures. The light within shines through the sculpture, creating a lovely, romantic glow that would please any goddess of love and beauty.”

15.75″W x 11.75″L x 27.5″H

Materials: Polyethylene

Purchase Information:

Price: $129
Availability: Buy Venus here

Light Candle Holder

I don’t know why these are on sale, but holy, that’s great that they’re under the $50 mark. Again, so simple in design, with interesting materials to give a subtle style. I think they’d finish off a room quite nicely, or maybe they’d be the perfect present for one of your modernist friends?

“Arik Levy’s Light Candle Holder (2007) is a study in restraint, a distinct departure from its Victorian counterparts. An innovative use of materials, the candle holder comes either in white alabaster or black-textured aluminum. When a candle is lit, the alabaster holder captures the light, giving it a translucent quality. Paired together, the Light Candle Holders provide a satisfying material contrast to each other. Nicely weighted, they can be safely transported with one hand using the simple, sizable handle and accommodate standard taper candles (not included).”

H 6.25″ W 3″ D 1.25″

Purchase Information:

Price: $60
Availability: Buy Light Candle Holder here

Stone Menorah

I haven’t seen a whole lot of Menorahs, but this one tops the list.

– stone candle holders with black powder coated steel base
– one of a kind; stone color will vary
– handcrafted in Pennsylvania from stones quarried in the US

11″ x 5.5″ (at highest point)

Update: This item is unfortunately no longer available. (10/21/09)

Purchase Information:

Price: $115
Availability: Buy Stone Menorah here

Cubix Lamp

We saw this at ICFF at the designboom booth. The frames are adjustable, allowing you to diffuse or concentrate the light depending on your mood.

“It’s a lamp made out of oak wood frames and the frames provide both the frame of the lamp as well as the lampshade. At 3.9″x3.9″x10.6″…it is a perfect size for any small surface that needs enhancing. The wooden frames are attached alongside one axis, allowing you to play with them and create different overlapping spaces, which in turn allow the light to stream out.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $75
Availability: Buy Cubix Lamp here