Photography Floor Lamp

For just under $100, this floor lamp is pretty decent. I like the ’40s feeling to it, as it would add a little bit of antiquity to a room.

“Retake of a 1940s studio source light, scaled anew for residential sets. Adjustable-angle brushed metal head angles light easy on the eyes with a frosted glass diffuser. Metal pole on raised X-base adjusts in height 47″ to 67″. Hardware included.”

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Chandelier- ‘Heavy Guy’, ‘To Go’

This is such a reasonable price for a very decent chandelier. It is actually quite elegant and would be perfect for those of you who qualify as apartment nomads, or anyone else who appreciates an easy affordable solution to lighting…

The chandelier ‘to go’ – comes in a pack with everything you need for this innovative fixture where the piece is actually held up by the light bulbs. It is wired directly to existing ceiling outlet wires and can be used 110V or 220V.

20″H x32″across

Purchase Information:

Price: $145.00
Availability: Buy Chandelier- ‘Heavy Guy’, ‘To Go’ here

Titanic Lamp by Charles Trevelyan

If one could ever be smitten with a lamp, then I am with the Titanic Lamp. I remember seeing this in Wallpaper Magazine and hoping it would be available soon in the US. And now it is!

13″ H x 18.5″ W x 18″ D
Lacquered wood base, cotton and steel shade.
US wiring

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Mega Bulb by Sofie Refer

This is quite a stunning pendant lamp from Denmark.

Purchase Information:

Price: $164.74
Availability: Buy Mega Bulb by Sofie Refer here

Dioscuri by Artemide

These are so often seen in modern interiors some would say they’re a staple for home furnishings. I think they give off such a nice glow.

“The minimalistic design features a handblown glass globe supported by a hidden base. Adjust the lighting level with the on/off/dim switch on the cord.”

Large: Diameter 17 in.
Medium: Diameter 14 in.
Mini: Diameter 5.5 in.
Small: Diameter 10 in.

Purchase Information:

Price: $133.88
Availability: Buy Dioscuri by Artemide here

Bauhaus table lamp

Amazing desk lamp at a really reasonable price. Shade is handmade smooth aluminum.

Purchase Information:

Price: $99.95
Availability: Buy Bauhaus table lamp here

Fold Lamp by Alexander Taylor

For anyone who has ever wanted one, now’s the time to purchase the larger version of Alexander Taylor’s Fold Lamp. I think we’ve posted this lamp three different times because we like it so much.

“This black table lamp is constructed from a powder-coated aluminum sheet folded into a traditional form and accented with a braided fabric cable and red cord.”

Size: 18″h. Base, 9″diam. Cord, 35″l

Purchase Information:

Price: $340.00
Availability: Buy Fold Lamp by Alexander Taylor here

XYZ Candle Holder

This cool candle holder has multiple arrangement options (stacked or individual) and reminds me of those cool old drawings of ‘architecture of the future’.

“..Elegant dark Wenge wood and cool and sleek aluminum make for a classy and elegant presentation of this new candle holder and the fact that it extends into all three axis leaves you lots of room for experimentation… Get a couple of them and start arranging them in different ways: arrange them back to back, or cascading in size, or turn them into a modernistic setting by stacking them…”

9.5″ x 5.9″ x 3.5″ (24 x 15 x 9 cm)

Purchase Information:

Price: $55.00
Availability: Buy XYZ Candle Holder here

Chandelier Bulb

Here’s a quick and easy makeover for any bulb in your home- in under a minute you can have an instant chandelier.

“Basically it is a glass ring with glass hooks that slides over any normal bulb and attached to the glass hooks are strands of crystals that dangle down from the bulb…”

material: Pyrex (heat-resisting glass)+crystal glass

Purchase Information:

Price: $55.00
Availability: Buy Chandelier Bulb here

Cebu Sphere Lamp

These have an interesting textural look about them, and, considering their size, would certainly add a nice patterned lighting effect.

“Made from re-purposed fishing line woven with vines around a strong metal armature, these super-sized spheres capture the light, not the fish. Each includes a 12′ cord set with a plug end.”

18″ dia.

Purchase Information:

Price: $360.00
Availability: Buy Cebu Sphere Lamp here


Energy-efficient and affordable, this light is quite the buy if you are limited in funds.

“The forward-thinking team at Knoend marries modernist aesthetics and eco-conscious principles for true 21st-centrury design. Building on the legacy of George Nelson’s ‘bubble lamps’ the Lite2go is a translucent geometric form that provides diffused, energy-efficient lighting from a pendant or tabletop position. The innovative configuration eliminates packaging.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.76
Availability: Buy Lite2go here


This lamp seems to be a slight variation on the ubiquitous globe light. Might be just enough detail to add a little more ‘oomph’ to your living or sleeping area.

“Table or floor lamp made of a white acrylic sphere with three elliptical laser cut holes and chromed metal structure.”

14 inch dia., $499
20 inch dia., $662
24 inch dia., $1103

Purchase Information:

Price: $499-$1103
Availability: Buy Noglobe here

Constellation 19 Light Pendant

So, let me preface by saying I encourage you not to use the color bulbs, as they might might take away from the overall effect. But, what do I know? You might like some color in your lighting. That said, I do like the delicate glass globes and I fully support that the light comes with Halogen bulbs.

If you’re not too happy with the size (or price) of the one shown, it is available in smaller (and larger) configurations.

20″dia. x 6″H, 59″OAH

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,080.00
Availability: Buy Constellation 19 Light Pendant here

flos b.l.o. by Marcel Wander, 2000

This modern interpretation of the candlestick. You can turn it off by blowing on it.

Purchase Information:

Price: $156.00
Availability: Buy flos b.l.o. by Marcel Wander, 2000 here

Ball String Lights

An affordable, textural lighting string for indoors or out…

“These Ball String Lights are a string of 20 lights that look like balls of yarn, creating the soft lighting that you need for any gathering. Put these up out on the deck or even indoors, the illuminations will indeed give your party decor an extra touch. Comes in solid and multi-color combinations (multi-color string lights are different shades of the specified color).”

Purple Multi, Red Multi, Tan Multi, and White Solid Available.

Total length is 9.75 feet.
3″ each

Purchase Information:

Price: $26.95
Availability: Buy Ball String Lights here