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Talak Lamp with Base

A slight sale on the stunning Talak Lamp collection…

-Body in injection molded thermoplastic incorporating miniature T2 fluorescent light source.
-Body rotates 360 degrees on the horizontal plane and can be adjusted in height by sliding it along its stem.
-Body in matte white powder coated finish.
-Stem in polished chrome steel.

Talak Table Lamp with Base
, Reg.: $598.50 Sale: $478.80, available at YLighting

also available:
Talak Wall Light, Reg.: $540.75 Sale: $432.60,
available at YLighting
Talak Clamp Lamp, Reg.: $572.25 Sale: $457.80, available at YLighting

Purchase Information:

Price: $598.50
Available from: YLighting

Owl Lamp

Seeing that owls are nocturnal and function quite well at night, expectations are that this lamp will do the same while adding a little detail and/or whimsy to a room.

matte porcelain
requires one 60W bulb

6W x 8D x 9.75H

Purchase Information:

Price: $180.00
Availability: Buy Owl Lamp here

Wan Floor Lamp by Naoto Fukasawa

This looks like a good choice for adding just the right amount of ambient light to a room.

‘Translated as “bowl” in Japanese, the Wan delicately holds its light in a beautifully curved shell. Encased in its walls are sand-like iron particles, allowing you to direct the angle of light by simply shifting the weight of the bowl. More lovely than its shape however is its glow, as its thick rim softens the contours of the light to a subtle, diffused hue.’

Designer: Naoto Fukasawa
Materials: Polycarbonate, Aluminum
Available in silver or white with a choice of flood or narrow light distribution.
13″ dia. x 8″H

Purchase Information:

Price: $499.00
Availability: Buy Wan Floor Lamp by Naoto Fukasawa here

Honey Lamps by Donegani and Lauda

This collection of Honey Lamps is on sale (almost half off).

‘This is a system of light elements built around diffused light, designed on a modular transparent structure, of theoretically unlimited extension, like “Brancusi’s Endless” column. The texture of the triangular components, in a honey comb structure and micro-prismatic, directs the distribution of the light flow through the interior of the structure. The system is composed of three basic components, assembled together in a clip-on process (the elements are a triangle as diffuser, a square as frame and a crown as the cover) as well as the rod iron legs for the base. The assembly operations, which are extremely simple and require no additional tools, are left to the user. By using the components available in the system, it is possible within the required dimensions, to choose from several lamp alternatives.’

Honey T2 Table Lamp
(with legs): $442.50 Sale: $236.00, available at YLighting
Dimensions 11.4″W X 13.4″H

Honey T1 Table Lamp
(with legs, not pictured): $637.50 Sale: $340.00, available at YLighting
This table lamp is available in 3 different standard heights.

Honey F Floor Lamp
: $1,192.50 Sale: $636.00, available at YLighting
The floor lamp is available in 4 different standard heights.

Light with a Dish by Naoto Fukasawa

The simplicity of Naoto Fukasawa’s work is why he’s my favorite designer.

“Most people, when they get home, go through the exact same ritual: turn on the lights, put down your keys and empty your pockets. Made to complement both your decor and your lifestyle, the Light with a Dish is the perfect accessory for your daily routine, addressing all these activities in one clean and simple design.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Availability: Buy Light with a Dish by Naoto Fukasawa here

Birzi Table Lamp

Now, $100 for a lamp that’s hard to break sounds like a good deal to me, plus, you can change it up now and then by bending it any which way you like.

‘Birzi is an ironic and playful light, designed to be “mistreated”, deformed and touched. Made of silicone, this lamp takes on different shapes and sizes according to the user’s whim. Easy to use and position, it is bump and fall resistant. The different colors- white, orange and green flatter its silhouette, giving it a dynamic and contemporary look.’

Design by Carlo Forcolini and Giancarlo Fassina, 2004.

Dimensions 6″D X 10″H.
Uses 1 X 60W 120V E12 (candelabra base) G16.5 incandescent lamp (not included).

$195.00 Sale: $104.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $195.00
Availability: Buy Birzi Table Lamp here

Source: Via

Light Bulb Candle

Quite clever.

‘Don’t need electricity for this light bulb. Every household should have one to add a touch of humor, as well as illumination, to blackouts and power outages. Plus, it’s a must gift for every “creative thinker” you know. Handmade from Bee’s Wax in New York State. Measures approximately 5″H x 2.5″ diameter.’

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Availability: Buy Light Bulb Candle here

Valentina by Modiss

I think these lights by Modiss are just lovely. It’s a perfect combination of simplicity of form and interesting pattern.

Valentina by Modiss is a series of superb, majestic, pendant and table lights that are a jewel in itself. The pendant fixtures features a double internal shade. The Table lights feature a cut crystal base and stem. Available in two sizes and 2 velvet fabric options. Valentina for Modiss is Designed by Alfonso Fontal, 2007

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $660
Availability: Buy Valentina by Modiss here

Rabbit Lamp by Moooi

Moooi can do no wrong in my book.

“The Rabbit Lamp by Moooi is a new addition part of a collection of animal furniture and lights. A lamp shade mounted to the rabbits ears which reflects light downwards unto the detailed fur. A warm and fussy light made from cast polyester. Shade finished in PVC/Cotton. Designed by Front, 2007”

Height: 19.5″, D: 11″

[left image via Leigh Harmer, where the lamp can be purchased for £272.00]

Purchase Information:

Price: $539.00
Availability: Buy Rabbit Lamp by Moooi here

Innermost Asteroid Lamp

I’m really liking this faceted lamp, especially because it can function as table or floor lighting- take your pick.

“An angular plastic encased light, the Asteroid is a unique floor, or table light, designed with 24 facets — each with its own unique geometry. The lamp can be placed on several of the facets, to display as an individual, unique piece, as you like.”

Materials: Matte white plastic.

Approx 12″ x 11.5″ round

Purchase Information:

Price: $176.00
Availability: Buy Innermost Asteroid Lamp here

Mozzkito Table Lamp

This lamp definitely looks like it’s straight from science fiction film, where the ‘lamp’ portion was some type of torture device (or do I just think that because it’s similar to the something in Star Wars?).

“This over-the-top design will spur conversation in any space that it is used. It features an electronic transformer and dimmer.”

Mozzkito uses one 50 watt halogen bulb.
measures approx. 31.5″ max length x 31.5″ max height

Purchase Information:

Price: $610.00
Availability: Buy Mozzkito Table Lamp here

Skygarden S1 Suspension by Flos

If you’ve got the money, this would be an excellent choice for a light above a dining table.

“The Flos Skygarden S1 Suspension designed by Marcel Wanders utilizes a halogen lamp inside and at the top of the dome. The lamp is enclosed by a glass cylinder that screws on and off for relamping. An intricate, lattice-work pattern appears at the bottom of the glass cylinder, adding an unexpected and pleasing detail to the interior of the Skygarden.”

Finish: Black, Gold, Rust, or White.

Diffuser: Diameter 23.62 In., Length 12 In.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,735.00
Availability: Buy Skygarden S1 Suspension by Flos here

Innermost 5 in 1 Shade

I don’t know about you, but the price of this versatile guy was slightly surprising to me- hurray for lighting under $50(!).

“The plastic sections of the 5 in 1 shade slide together for easy assembly. Use 3, 4, 5, 6, or all 7 of the pieces to create 1 large or 2 smaller shades. Flat-pack shipping makes it a perfect gift.”

Materials: Shade: White polypropylene, Cord & canopy: White canopy with 1 1/2″ socket and 4 foot cord.

Dimensions range from 12″ to 24″ in height and diameter.

Purchase Information:

Price: $43.00
Availability: Buy Innermost 5 in 1 Shade here

Cascade Pendant Lights by Michelle Brand

If you can get past the price tag, this light is actually pretty spectacular.

‘Sustainable and stylish, these light fixtures of cascading flowers are designed from recycled bottle-bases that have been cleaned, sanded and tagged together by hand. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Choose 8″, 10″, 12″ or 14″. All measure 5 3/4″ in width. Items featured 8″ Cascade.’

(note: I think that the options for length is meant to read in feet, not inches, fyi.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $4,500.00
Availability: Buy Cascade Pendant Lights by Michelle Brand here

Hickory Silk Lampshade

Quite similar in feel to the Twitchen Lampshade, this lampshade captures one of nature’s best saturated hues.

“Shades are constructed by laminating fabric onto a pvc parchment, then they use a hand rolling method to finish the edges. The shade is 10″ in diameter, top and bottom, and 8″ tall. These are lamp shades only, for table lamps or hanging ficture lamps. There is a universal metal ring that fits between the fixture and the lightbulb. 60 Watt max. The shade in photo has a removable protective plastic sleeve, so its clearer than shown.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $110.00
Availability: Buy Hickory Silk Lampshade here