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Cutting Boards

Chop X Cutting Board

X marks the spot. Solid walnut provides a sturdy surface to cut your fruits and vegetables on, with a simple maple inlay to help make the experience just a little more special. Finished with FDA approved mineral oil.

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00
Available from: Workerman

Magisso Bamboo Cutting Board

This cutting board has a Z shape to provide two useful functions. The front ridge rests against the edge of the counter to keep the board from sliding forward. The back keeps your knife in place while cutting and may also be used to funnel your chopped veggies into a bowl or pan. And, if that’s not enough for you, that same Z shape allows the board to stand upright as well; that little detail should not to be underestimated if your kitchen lacks storage space. If you still refuse to get excited about a cutting board, there’s a video below for visual stimulation.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.95
Available from: Finnish Gifts

100% Grade A Cheese Board

How about a nice slice of Swiss to show off your cheese spread? A composite of acrylic resin and powdered bauxite means the material is similar to marble, so think about chilling it ahead of time to keep your cheeses fresh on the table. If you look closely, you’ll see that one hole goes all the way through for easy hanging. And there’s no worries about bacteria or odors as the board is non-porous.

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00
Available from: PLANT

Wood Cutting Boards by Luke Bartells

If live edge wood excites you even just a little, note these nicely shaped wood cutting boards by local San Francisco wood worker Luke Bartells. Each is handcrafted and varies depending on the wood. Also, if you’re in the market for live edge wood furniture, be sure to check out Bartells’ website; there’s quite a few gems.

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00 - 160.00
Available from: Luke Bartells

Scanwood Bread Board

Remember us mentioning the Scanwood office supplies? Scanwood does quite a few wood tabletop and kitchen accessories as well, thankfully with the same pared down aesthetic. A good deal of their collection is available from AllModern, but for now we’ll just admire this bread board with offset slats to channel crumbs.

Designed by: Knud Holscher
Material: Beech wood and marble
Hand crafted
Easy to maintain
Dishwasher safe
Dimensions: 1″ H x 10.2″ W x 15.4″ D

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.99
Available from: AllModern

Elkay Cutting Boards

Cutting boards with cutouts: a small alteration that helps guide food into/onto a prep bowl or plate. One of these boards might just fit your sink, but check to make sure your undermount has a minimum of 1/2″ reveal. Elkay has a whole range of sinks and accessories, so if neither of these fit your specifications, you might check out their other offerings.

Purchase Information:

Price: $46.72 - 55.68
Available from: AllModern

Sbriciola Bread Cutting Board

Corral bread crumbs easily with this cutting board from Alessi. As you slice bread, crumbs fall between the slats into the tray below, which then pulls out for quick cleaning. Designed by Anna and Gian Franco Gasparini, the very same couple who designed the Milky Way Minor Cheese Knife Set. If you know someone serious about their bread and cheese, you might consider either (or both, if you’re feeling generous) as a good gift idea.


Purchase Information:

Price: $112.00
Available from: Fitzsu

Leather Strap Cutting Boards

These wooden cutting boards are nice enough to display on a wall in your kitchen, and that will be easy to arrange as they have leather straps for exactly that purpose. Keep in mind that the larger the board, the higher the price, and the more you spend the more you’ll want to keep that board looking good with appropriate cutting board oil (such as BCM&T oil).

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00 and up
Available from: Jayson Home

Dip-Dyed Baguette Boards

Who knew adding a little milk paint to a plain serving board would make it so much better? The folks that made these, that’s who. A little stripe action and suddenly the serving board lives on the wall instead of in a cabinet. Made from Pennsylvania sycamore.

Purchase Information:

Price: $108.00 - 198.00
Available from: Terrain

Miller Bamboo Board

If you’ve spent any time in the kitchen chopping up ingredients you know how handy this cutting board would be with its inset bowl. You can remove the bowl for safe transport to the pan, or, alternatively, use the bowl for dips and sauces when you’ve laid out a vegetable spread. Now on sale for $35 from Furni.

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Available from: Furni

Epicurean Modular Cutting Board

Nice. This commercial-quality two-piece cutting board brings modularity to the kitchen. One side of each panel is smooth, so when used together you have one large flat prep area. On the other side of one panel there’s a bread surface and a juice groove on the other, so you’re pretty much covered for any cutting surface. Used alone or together, you can configure the boards to suit your preparation needs. Available in Natural with a Slate core or Slate with a Natural core. (And, yes, it will fit in the dishwasher.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $73.00
Available from: MODULE R

Blackcreek Mercantile Cutting Boards

A cutting board is one tool that most of us would agree is absolutely necessary in the kitchen (unless you have wood countertops, maybe). Each board from Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co is hand made from a single piece of wood (so, there’s no glue seams). Prefinished with their cutting board oil, each board should last for generations if used often and cared for properly.


Purchase Information:

Price: $100.00 and up
Available from: Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co

The OCD Chef Cutting Board

If you and yours obsess over getting your ingredients exactly right, this cutting board is right up your alley. Though it’s worth noting that even if you’re nowhere near being OCD, this cutting board could possibly push you to be more obsessive than normal. It looks like it’s not available right away, but you can sign up to receive an email notice once it’s available for purchase.


Cut and Paste Cutting Boards

White and wood is used so often in product design because it always looks great and its style is timeless. Designer Klaus Hackl implements the two-tone palette in Maple and porcelain for his series of Cut & Paste cutting boards. I think they’re a bit small for serious kitchen use, but are just perfect for the dining table. The medium size measures 11 x 5.7, and the large is 17 x 8.5.

Purchase Information:

Price: $21.05
Availability: Buy Cut and Paste Cutting Boards here

Source: Swiss Miss

Cork Cutting Boards

Here’s a slight summer sale on some cork cutting boards. As you probably already know, cork is a renewable resource, so it’s a smart and friendly sort of material to use for all sorts of things.

We love these cork cutting boards for chopping and as presentation platters. Made from durable, high-density cork, the surface is resistant to wear. Cork is slip-resistant and lightweight, and it cushions knife blades and keeps them sharp.

Small: 8.5″ long x 6″ wide, $12.00 $9.60
Medium: 12″ long x 8″ wide, $22.00 $19.60
Large: 14″ long x 10″ wide, $28.00 $25.60
Buy it here.

More information:

View Cork Cutting Boards here