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Desk Accessories

Quips+Queries Cards

I, for one, believe that a quick handwritten note will never go out of style, no matter how advanced technology gets. For those of you that agree, might I direct your attention towards these cards, of which there are 6 different designs all available in a set of 50. My favorites are the 8 ball and Luck designs (shown), but there’s also a pink set (with 5 different French sayings) and a blank set with a silver or gold edge. There’s also an option of 100 cards in an acrylic box if you’d prefer to stock up: Quips+Queries Set, $28.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00
Available from: russell+hazel

Marking Clips, Tool Set

Cute, right? These little clips might be an improvement upon your regular paperclips, especially as they could be used for bookmarks as well. There’s also a Fasten Set but it’s temporarily out of stock.

Package contains 30 metal clips (.5″ x 1″) in 3 shapes: Pliers, Wrench, and Hammer.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00
Available from: The Curiosity Shoppe

Hankie Pocketbook

Can you think of a better name for this than ‘Hankie Pocketbook’? How about Pocket Square Notebook? Or anything else slightly less fru-fru than ‘hankie’. Of course, the dapper gentleman/women has permission to call it by anything he or she wishes, just be aware that there are alternatives that don’t make you sound like you’re a hundred years old (not that there is anything at all wrong with sounding like a hundred year old person). This notebook has 60‭ ‬ruled pages of ‬acid-free paper and is available in 3‭ ‬colors‭: ‬Red‭, ‬Cream‭ ‬&‭ ‬Charcoal.

More information:

View Hankie Pocketbook here

Sticky Note Matchbooks

For the sticky-note addicted, this is a no brainer. You know how sticky notes get quite gross when in a pocket or bag? They pick up all manner of lint and random bits of something that you’d rather not see when checking a grocery or to-do list. This smart idea of a Sticky Note Matchbook keeps notes pristine and protected, plus the size is perfectly pocket sized (for us persnickety people). Pack of 4 for $2.


Purchase Information:

Price: $2.00
Available from: Kikkerland

Block Crayons

It’s the end of the week, and just as you think your liquified brain can do more creating, your hands can clasp no more writing utensils, and the spittle from the corner of your mouth is the only means to communicate your displeasure and utter lack of interest, these block crayons come into view. These non toxic pure beeswax crayons are easy to grasp, no matter one’s age or hand size, and allow for artistic expression wherever one’s state of mind happens to be. Plus, each set is $5, which says you should buy a few extras and pass them out to others in need.

Purchase Information:

Price: $5.00
Available from: ACME party box

Slip n Snip Folding Scissors

Folding scissors. Is there need to explain further? It is, simply, a compact pair of scissors which fold away safely in a pocket or bag, or even to slip on a keyring. Use them for cutting out those annoying clothes tags, for a quick hair (beard? nose?) trim, or making paper snowflakes on the subway, or for whatever else you can think of.

Purchase Information:

Price: $8.00
Available from: Amazon

Booklets Wooden Notebook

With a laser cutter and some clever design, wood is made flexible as illustrated by these new Booklets by Snijlab. A hinge is carved into birch plywood to create these beautiful and reusable note-takers. Available in either horizonal or vertical (shown) format. Holds a standard A7 writing block. These notebooks might even be too nice to leave the house!

Purchase Information:

Price: €25.00
Availability: Buy Booklets Wooden Notebook here

All Purpose Greeting Cards

All purpose greeting cards are the way to go for last minute messages, especially when they have a funny way of offering so many options. Paper cards, though rare nowadays, give an importance to an occasion, much more so than an email, and with these cards you’d have an arsenal of appropriate greetings for any event.

Purchase Information:

Price: $4.50
Available from: Fifiduvie

Origami Sticky Notes

If you have a plethora of sticky notes around your workspace, just think how nice would it be to make a little origami from them instead of chucking them in the bin. You could take a tiny creative break whenever you complete the task or no longer need the note. I’m sure it would help the day go by a bit easier.

Each pad has instructions for 10 different shapes (pig; penguin; boat; crane; butterfly; squirrel; lily and water bomb)

Originally posted Aug 18, 2009.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3.99
Available from: ThinkGeek

Archie Grand Notebooks

Keep track of your friends and foes with these colorful notebooks, or just pretend like you do and use it for notes and sketches instead (which would be my recommendation).

-matte satin cardstock cover
-160 blank pages of Lessebo Linn paper with sewn signatures.
Designer: Archie Grand, Sweden
Dimensions: 4 1/2 x 6 1/2″

Also available at Archie Grand, €11.95.

Originally published October 8, 2009.

Purchase Information:

Price: $13.00
Available from: Jasper + Black

Gift Tag Stamp Kit

Sometimes minimal decoration on presents and packages looks much better than a bunch of fancy bows, case in point is this gift tag stamp from Yellow Owl Workshop. To win recycling points, use newspapers or paper grocery bags for wrapping, and then some string and this stamp to state the giver/recipient. Ta-da. You’re done.

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.00
Available from: Yellow Owl Workshop

Pencil Holder from Travelteq

Travelteq just added this Pencil Holder to their shop and it sure looks like a nice way to store your pencils, color or otherwise. Handmade from Florentine Vacchetta leather, it certainly has a Patrician flair, especially compared to what you’d find at a student art shop, and I’d be willing to bet it’ll stay intact after years of use. It fits 19 pencils; color pencils from Bruynzeel included.


Purchase Information:

Price: €65.00
Availability: Buy Pencil Holder from Travelteq here

Locus 3-way Mechanical Writing Instrument

‘Mechanical writing instrument’ sounds a bit technical, yet that’s the best way to describe this combined ballpoint, mechanical pencil, and eraser. Switch between the three by pushing the clip- it’s that simple. If you’re wanting to minimize your belongings in your bag or on your desk, this could definitely help you on your way. From Japanese design house Metaphys.

Purchase Information:

Price: $86.00
Available from: A+R Store

Code Cards

Web developers, embrace your occupation wholeheartedly this holiday season with these letterpress cards. There’s several to choose from and all allow you to express your message in the familiar PHP code.

Shown above: Egg Nog Arrays Greeting Cards (Set of 4), $14.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.00
Available from: Code Cards Etsy shop

Magnetic Pencil

Now, why has this not popped up on the collective radar before now? It’s a magnetic pencil with no varnish (cedar wood, eco friendly), so you can keep it handy on the nearest metal surface. It’s also worth noting that paperclips and other paraphernalia might stick to it, depending on the magnet’s strength.

Purchase Information:

Price: $5.99
Available from: The Future Perfect