3D Decorative

porcelain sparrow

I can’t help liking this little bird. I don’t know how many of you like sparrows, but maybe you’d like them more if they were in porcelain on your bookshelf? You know, as a nick-nack type of thing, but better? I might have to get one just so he can be my ‘bltd’ mascot.

white porcelain china

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Price: $24.00
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3 mile island memorial

This would make a perfect paper weight for that special someone…

“Souvenirs are important cultural objects which can store and communicate memories, emotions and desires. Buildings of Disaster are miniature replicas of famous structures where some tragic or terrible events happened to take place.”

special instructions:
numbered, limited edition

2.5″ high 4.75″ wide 3.25″ deep

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Price: $95.00
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Wallter Slats

Need some decorative nonsense? Try some of these wall slats. They can be applied horizontal or vertical. And are 1/2 inch deep, wood based, primed ready for painting; peel away sticker back for easy application.

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Price: $87.00
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Redemption shoe brush

Oh, this is good. Obviously you wouldn’t want to give this to someone who takes their religion too seriously, or, maybe you would. Hopefully everyone can appreciate the fact that regardless of personal beliefs or ideologies, it’s simply a good design.

designer: Simone Luling
materials: bronze; horse hair, rubber
dimensions:1.50″ high 8.50″ wide 11″ long

Update: This item is unfortunately no longer available. (10/22/09)

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Price: $210.00
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Time Life stool for your head.

Similar to the Eames time life stool, this is turned on a lathe…only in this case the inspiration is your head. All it takes is a photo of your profile and $150.

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Bible Gun by Robert The

Okay, I’ll start by saying that I hope nobody is offended by this. But it’s too good not to post, so I hope if you are offended you’ll kind of just pretend this isn’t here on our site. Alright, this here is a Bible Gun by Robert The. And I’ll quote New Museum instead of trying to explain it on my own:

“Books culled from dumpsters and thrift store bins are lovingly vandalized back to life so they can assert themselves against the culture which had turned them into debris. Unlimited edition by Robert The. Each book is signed and dated.”

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Price: $500.00
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StillLife Series

Just the thing for your bookcase, mantle, desk, etc…These porcelain vases and objects by Klein Reid are really worth looking at; the photograph here doesn’t show nearly enough of the impressive details (especially the “with flowers” version, which isn’t pictured, but is quite intricate looking).

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Price: $59.00
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