3D Decorative

Felt Birds

This would be a delightful way to add some energy and movement to a blank space in a room.

Each bird is 6″ long, with a 4″ wingspan, and comes with a 15.5″ satin ribbon. (When the ribbon is doubled up, the bird hangs at a distance of about 7″.)

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Purchase Information:

Price: $18.00
Availability: Buy Felt Birds here

Heart by Renate Hattinger Keramik

I just saw the
Think Tank designed by Renate Hattinger Keramik on
notcot.org, which led me to the Golden Heart pictured above. Absolutely one of the best things I’ve seen; my only wish is that it would a bit more affordable.

“Golden Heart is part of the series Human Interior. Human Interior are porcelain containers in form of the central human organs, heart and brain. The highly specialized organs heart and brain designed by nature are symbols for life, intelligence, love. The invisible inside becomes visible and gets a concrete emotional meaning by careful processing and refinement of the object’s surface. The objects are not only to be admired on pedestals and in showcases but to be used and filled.”

13 x 15 x 14 cm

Walteria Living

There are so many things from Walteria Living that are noteworthy, I can’t pick just one. Loads of excellent gift options for those on your list that are hard to buy for, you’re sure to find the perfect item.

Vanishing Creatures Chocolates, set of 3, $50.00 each
Paperweight series vol. 2, set of 2, limited edition, $245.00
Paperweight series vol. 1, set of 3, limited edition, $365.00
Postcard diaries, mixed set of 4 plates, $365.00

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Purchase Information:

Price: $50-$365.00
Availability: Buy Walteria Living here

Cardboard Safari 3D Animal Puzzles

The whole antler thing has taken the world by storm, but not many of us can afford (or want) to deck out our halls with the real thing, much less some very excellent designer interpretations. So, if you’ve got that antler itch, or know someone who does, here are some great cardboard versions that are at a very friendly price tag. They’re sure to add character to a room along with some amused glances and inquiries from visitors.

Deer, Moose, or Rhino (not pictured) available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.42
Availability: Buy Cardboard Safari 3D Animal Puzzles here

Electrostatic removable “the end” sticker for your television

Are you ever sick of your TV just sitting there when you’re not watching it? Do you want it to be more useful? Perhaps a design object? Well then, the people at Atypyk have the solution for you: an electrostatic removable sticker for your TV screen.

I assume this wouldn’t work with plasma screens, only with glass.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.60
Availability: Buy Electrostatic removable “the end” sticker for your television here

Paris Panels

Available in stainless or white, these ornate, steel wall hangers may be just what you need to fill a space on your walls or create a division in a larger space as a room divider.

White: $78 for a set of 6
Stainless $98 for a set of 6

Purchase Information:

Price: $78-$98
Availability: Buy Paris Panels here

Inhabit – Morning Glory Triptic Slat Set

This looks like a quick and easy way to add some life to a blank wall.

“Made from 100% sustainable recycled polyester. Handprinted and handmade in the USA with environmentally-friendly inks with no chemical waste or disposal generated. All paper waste from this process is repurposed as shredded packing material. Product is recyclable at the end of its life-cycle. Product comes fully assembled and fitted with two hangers. Triptic Set includes three 24″ x 78″ slats with one overarching design across them.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $348.00
Availability: Buy Inhabit – Morning Glory Triptic Slat Set here

Felt Rocks by Molo

“in their raw form, a felt rock is technically a lump of felt formed when small bits of wool fluff gather while making polishing wheels for optical lenses, spun around in a drum with them.

with steam and pressure, each stray piece of wool begins to entangle itself with others roughly creating a completely unique rock-like shape without the help of any bonding agents.

each felt rock is then carefully selected by molo and then finished through their own process.

felt rocks are solid all the way through, made out of 100% pure wool felt, and carefully dyed. they come in hand selected sets of 5 ( 2 natural and 3 grey, or 2 moss green and 3 grey ) and are packaged in a natural grey wool felt bag.

each one is completely unique with a different shape and size, although most measure around 4 – 6 inches across.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $240
Availability: Buy Felt Rocks by Molo here

Surikata by Maxim Velcovsky

The think I would like to live in the mind of Maxim Velcovsky. I would run, chase and play with little porceline meerkats all day.

PS. Have you seen what he did here with Jakub Berdych for Qubus?

Tobias Wong gold spoon

I’m posting this more as a news piece. McDonald’s has issued a cease and desist to citizen citizen for the Ju$t Another Rich Kid and Tobias Wong gold reproduction of their coffee stir stick–which I believe was originally discontinued in the 80’s due to its prominent use for ingesting the decade’s ubiquitous party drug.

So if you want one, you better get it while the gettin’s good!

“INDULGENCES directly comments on the creation and expansion of luxury products in today’s consumer culture, this often results in the production of many unnecessary items. this series attempts of elevate everyday and in some cases disposable items into desirable object.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $295.00
Availability: Buy Tobias Wong gold spoon here

Carved Wood Trophy Heads by Roost

I know almost everybody has seen the carved deer head, but I didn’t know there were other friends availble…Now it’s possible to have quite a collection of animal-friendly wooden trophy heads.

“No safari is required to obtain these large-scale trophy heads. Hand-carved from blocks of laminated basswood, these stylized likenesses have a keyhole hanger in the back.”

$429, Reedbuck: W 15.25″ x D 16.25″ x H 23″
$429, Ibex: W 14.25″ x D 13.5″ x H 19″
$495, Bighorn Sheep: W 15″ x D 13.25″ x H 21″
$605, Blesbock: W 19″ x D 21″ x H 23.5″
$605, Catalina Goat: W 16.75″ x D 19.5″ x H 19.25″

Purchase Information:

Price: $429.00
Availability: Buy Carved Wood Trophy Heads by Roost here

Boxcutter by Tobias Wong

A boxcutter, zinc cast and chrome plated, by one of our favorite designers…consider it as a rather good gift for many a discerning design afficianado.

Size: 6.25″ L

Purchase Information:

Price: $89.00
Availability: Buy Boxcutter by Tobias Wong here

Carved Wood Deer Head

So, yeah, there’s been a recent trend of antler-esque products in the past year or two, and it’s safe to say that thankfully all of the ones I’ve seen on sites have been of the not-real variety. This particular deer head is hand-carved from blocks of laminated basswood and is sure to add some atmosphere without the anxiety of the “genuine” article.

Features removable antlers and a keyhole hanger in the back.

Head: W 16″ x H 20″ x D 9″
Overall: H 42″ x W 29″

Purchase Information:

Price: $495.00-$649.00
Availability: Buy Carved Wood Deer Head here

tar teddy bear

I’m sure there’s an accompanying artist statement to this that speaks about the ills of society or something to that effect, but I just like it.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1200.00
Availability: Buy tar teddy bear here

Moose & Deer Head

When I was a kid I used to get the balsa wood dinosaur kits and I loved them. These are a cooler version.

“Playing with the theme of ‘reinterpreting the codes of bourgeois furniture’, these designs are a modernized, almost abstract version of the trophy head, executed in triplicate.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Availability: Buy Moose & Deer Head here