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Wave Books (Poetry)

Wave Books (Poetry)

I’ve pretty much forgotten all about poetry since leaving college and its various literature courses, but these few books have reminded me just how lovely a small collection of musings can be. I won’t even begin to dissect or analyze any of them, because I’m certainly not qualified, but I will say I enjoyed looking through each of them. Also, be sure to check out Wave Books’ erasure site (in relation to A Little White Shadow, see below), where you can create your own erasures. It’s sort of fun.

shown left to right:
New Exercises by Franck Andre Jamme, Translated by Charles Borkhuis, $14.00,
Buy it here.*

Like tiny poetic word searches, these small poems reveal themselves as tightly-packed aphorisms, asserting themselves physically in the world with a wisdom that is somehow simultaneously novel and ancient.

Poemland by Chelsey Minnis, $14.00-$30.00, Buy it here.

A fearless and uproarious litany of contentions and revelations on poetry and the poetic mind, Poemland alternates brilliantly between the deadpan, the spectacular and the outrageous.

A Little White Shadow by Mary Ruefle, $12.00-$30.00, Buy it here.

Selectively painting over much of a forgotten nineteenth-century book, Ruefle’s ninth publication brings new meaning to an old story. What remains visible is delicate poetry: artfully rendered, haunted by its former self, yet completely new.

*See also the limited edition box set of twelve silk-screened broadsides from New Exercises here (I’m tempted to frame them).
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