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36 hours USA & Canada

36 hours USA & Canada

Speaking of travel, what adventures do you have planned for the next few weekends? If the answer is ‘none’, then get yourself a 36 hours book. The series, a compilation of the weekly travel “36 Hours” column from the New York Times, highlights the best short trips you can make, with all sorts of suggestions to get the most out of a well-plotted two-night stay. Choose between the original 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA & Canada, or select a specific US region: West Coast, Southwest & Rocky Mountains, Midwest & Great Lakes, Southeast, or Northeast.

36 hours USA & Canada West Coast
A page from 36 Hours: USA & Canada West Coast.

36 Hours: USA & Canada Southwest & Rocky Mountains
A page from 36 Hours: USA & Canada Southwest & Rocky Mountains.

Available from Taschen, 14.99 - 39.99.

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