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Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns

Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns

This is a complete treasure trove of patterns. I swear, even if you’re not an artist or a designer, it’ll have you itching to pick up a pencil and mess around, or maybe at least overcome any objection to defacing a book so that you don’t have to feel guilty when you take one of the pages out to frame it. Or maybe you’ll just enjoy perusing all the hand-drawn patterns and that’ll be enough for you. Either way, it’s a refreshing compilation of work from a lot of talented designers.

While patterns have been around forever, there’s a recent movement, a tendency among designers, to allow patterns to animate their work with colorful and exuberant complexity. Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns collects groundbreaking work from fifty of today’s most talented designers who create patterns by hand and use them in their work in inventive and innovative ways…the examples in this book push the boundaries of the traditional concept of what a pattern is…Featuring more than 250 vibrant and exciting patterns, Over and Over explores this magic on every single page and will inspire designers everywhere.

Also, Mike Perry’s site is fun to browse through if you’re interested.

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