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Design Matters: Logos 01

Design Matters: Logos 01

For anyone in the graphic design business, or for anyone who hopes to be, this book is a thoughtful overview of what the logo process entails from start to finish. It’s actually easy to read, nicely illustrated and very informative. Clear cut sections outline stages of process that lead towards a logo that’s both smart and successful. I found the examples to be quite interesting, though it’s all very polished and pretty, so just don’t expect the hours of rough sketches and crumpled up ideas to be presented along with the finished product. It certainly makes me respect anyone who takes on the task of creating or remodeling a logo; there’s a lot of thought and research involved that I had otherwise assumed to be luck or talent.

From the Introduction:
“[This book is] for designers hoping to make a unique mark on the canvas of time, presenting theories, process, examples, and methods form design professionals around the world. It’s structured to guide readers through the defined stages of process: planning, creating, and implementing. The book also delves into the abstract, emotional, and intellectual elements that are so critical to creativity of any kind.”

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