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Contemporary Design in Detail: Sustainable Environments

Contemporary Design in Detail: Sustainable Environments

With so many intriguing details, this book leaves you with wanting more. Each section does an excellent job of focusing on particular issues concerning sustainable architecture, and there’s a wide variety of building and design ideas to jump start your creativity. I kept wanting to see more of each home- more interior shots, more close ups on building materials, floorplans, etc.- but thorough exhaustive overviews is not what this book is about. Instead it zooms in on particular topics, highlighting how each home showcases the subject at hand. There’s quite a few homes that shine- way too many to name.

“Sustainable Environments focuses on the type of architectural details in distinctive, sustainable residential spaces. It includes sections on components such as cooling or shading devices, building techniques that create minimal impact on the land, active systems, and the use of new sustainable materials as well as those that are salvaged or recyclable.”



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