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By Hand, The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art

By Hand, The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art

Man. I am very impressed with this book. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve had it for close to a year, and only now have I sat down and read through it. I won’t bore you with details, but I will say that these are the artists that stand out: Karen Reimer (her Chicago Tribune September 29, 2002 (0%) is shown bottom right, I absolutely love all of her pieces), Margarita Cabrera (Pink Blender shown top right- and, yes, it looks similar to Claes Oldenburg’s work, but she deals with current issues of immigration and factory workers to sum it up insufficiently), Robyn Love (It’s Cold Outside (shown top middle), Victoria May (not shown, but really kind of disturbing blouses). I recommend the book if you’re at all interested.

“In a response to the sleek forms and perfect angles of most late twentieth century design objects, many of today’s artists and designers are returning to handmade work such as hand lettering, hand drawing, and hand sewing. By Hand features an international collection of the most noteworthy artists and shows their work in detailed photography and insightful texts.From books to pillows to T-shirts to toys, the pieces in this volume define an alternative view of contemporary design. Personal craft is emphasized over perfection and the personality of the artist is put forth as a key element of the finished product.”

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