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Rocket Stool

Rocket Stool

The well known Eero Aarnio designed this three-legged stool in 1995, and, as you can tell, it hints at his other work with its rounded (“plump“) seat and legs. Interestingly enough, the Rocket was originally designed for Eero Aarnio’s own kitchen, though it’d do just as well in other rooms. The solid wood stool is available in oak wood painted white, black or soaped, and in two different sizes, Rocket Stool ($435) and Baby Rocket ($300).

Rocket Stool
Designer: Eero Aarnio, 1995
Soaped or painted oak
Made in Finland by Artek

From our archives; originally posted Oct 17, 2011.

Available from, 300.00 - 435.00.


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