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Play + Soft

Play + Soft

More proof that today’s kids have cooler stuff than I did growing up.

From play blocks fashioned to look like a giant swiss cheese to a ‘smell tunnel’ designed to delight the senses, each item of furniture bursts with colour and vitality. Perfect for domestic, public and educational settings, PLAY+SOFT embodies one simple idea: children have a right to beauty.

Each piece is made from our patented ecosoftx® fabric – an eco-friendly material that contains no PVC or rubber latex. As well as being soft to the touch it is also fireproof, wipe-clean and extremely durable. PLAY+SOFT is a unique collaborative project, drawing on the experience of experts in education, textile development, product design and manufacturing.

Prices range from £25 ($50) to £1600 ($3200) excluding transport (and approximately £30/$60 to £2000/$4000 including transport),
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