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Nest Queen Storage Bed

Nest Queen Storage Bed

Remember how I shared that I am building a lake house? Well, that endeavor also involves finding furniture to fill that lake house somewhat soon. I am against the idea of filling up a house all at once, because schedule constraints should not force one’s hand when it comes to collecting pieces that one will live on/around for the next several decades of one’s life. Plus, do you really need every room to be stuffed full? No, of course not. Personally, I like furnishing a home bit by bit, adding a piece here and there only when you need (or badly want) it.

Currently, the furnishing topic at hand is of beds, and how to find one other than the Tate Bed, which I like most right now because of its mid century modern styling and its price. However, we already own one Tate Bed (see aforementioned reasons), so it seems just plain wrong to order another for a different house because, well, shouldn’t you mix things up? Yes, I know, the answer is usually a big, loud response of ‘of course you should!’

So, that’s where the Nest Queen Storage Bed enters the picture. Designed by Niels Bendtsen, the Nest features a large storage space accessed simply by lifting up a discreet strap underneath the mattress. Gas pistons ensure smooth operation, so you could store items for everyday use (clothes, blankets, etc.) or just use the space for seasonal things.

A tall base smartly hides the storage compartment, so many of your guests will be unaware of all the things hidden away- that’s a big, definite plus. And, should the fabric look a little tired after a while, simply remove the slipcovers for dry cleaning. I think it’s a winner. Agreed?

Designer: Niels Bendtsen

Slipcovers are removable for dry cleaning.
Mattress sold separately.

Made in Italy.

Nest Queen Storage Bed

Nest Queen Storage Bed

Available from DWR, $3,150.00 - 3,345.00.

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