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Marble Coffee Table (match off)

Marble Coffee Table (match off)

At first glance, these two pictures might appear to be of the same table taken in different lighting, but perhaps the more discerning can pick out a few tiny details that sets one apart from the other. There’s not much, mind you, but there is a difference, most noticeably in the price.

Can you guess which one is $900 and which is $300?

Answer and info on both below.

The $900 one is….the one on the left!
That’s right, it’s the Rubik Round Coffee Table from DWR, with a stainless steel base and an Arabescato Marble top. It measures H 14″ Diameter 36″.

Which leaves the lower priced $300 table…
as the Smart Round Table from CB2. It’s a little bit smaller than the Rubik (only by a few inches: 33″ dia. x 12.25″ H) with a steel tube frame (with a chrome-plated finish) and a ‘Carrara-style’ marble top.

So, now, is the difference in materials and detailing enough to make one better than the other? That’s up to you and your wallet.


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