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Bed Side Tables

Bed Side Tables

Nightstands, bed side tables, whatever you call them, they’re somewhat necessary for a good night’s sleep. So says anyone that has knocked over a glass of water, groped blindly for an alarm clock or phone, or lost their device/watch/jewelry/what-have-you under the bed or in the covers. Here’s a few that are easy on the eyes, have at least a little storage space, and are relatively easy on the wallet… except for a couple, which qualify as expensive as they have a comma in the price tag.

1. Proof Nighstand, $199.00.
Metal clad construction doesn’t mess around. With a width at 20″, its drawer will hold all sorts of miscellany.

2. Min Bedside Table with Pedestal Base, $556.75.
Super minimal with a barely-there little drawer. It’ll hold only the essentials, and that’s a good thing for anyone clutter-prone.

3. Hatter Nightstand, $279.99.
Cute, cute, cute. One drawer of Indonesian Mindi wood pairs well with low profile beds, as it’s 16″ in height.

4. Metalwork Nighstand, $159.00.
Cheap, if you don’t mind celadon. I wonder how difficult it would be to spray paint over the lacquer if you got tired of the color?

Bed Side Tables

5. Roar + Rabbit Brass Geo Inlay Nightstand, $399.00.
Brass inlays in a geometric pattern? Fun.

6. Urbancase The Edge Side Table, $550.00.
Floating side table, anyone? No legs means no stubbed toes in the dark, which is always a good thing.

7. THN .75 Night Stand, $1,400.00.
Definitely not cheap, but that’s what you get when you have a solid walnut case with a lacquered finished drawer. (As usual, the most expensive option is my favorite.)

8. Pile Side Table, $1,100.00.
Expensive, but the top shelf is shifted perpendicular to the open area underneath, which hides the small stuff without a drawer while still being easy to reach from the bed.

Bed Side Tables

9. Audrey Nighstand, $229.00.
Friendly price in a sleek little table. The iron frame sets off the acacia wood drawer nicely.

10. Louvered 2-Drawer Nightstand, $209.00.
Cute. Angled (basalt gray stained) fronts hide the two drawers. Two drawers = lots of storage.

11. Case Studyยฎ V-Leg Bedside Table, $520.00.
The proportions of this one are low and it has hairpin legs. That adds up to a good fit for a mid century vibe.

12. Fitz Bedside Table, $299.00.
I usually don’t look at this retailer (that translates into hardly ever), but this little table is a pleasant surprise.


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