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Valentine’s Day Stuff

Valentine’s Day Stuff

If you absolutely have to participate in the overblown holiday that is Valentine’s Day, you have my sympathy. To provide you with support, here are a few things that are a design aficionado’s equivalent to a fluffy teddy bear and a shiny-red-heart-shaped mylar balloon, and are therefore entirely acceptable to give to someone you care about. A sappy/sentimental card is optional.

1. Wรถrther Wood Mechanical Pencil, $42.00

2. ‘Love Heart’ coffee mug by Vitra, $20.00

3. 3d-Printed Double-Layer Ring, $17.92

4. Marble Dock for Apple Watch, $119.99

5. Alice Cuff Bracelet by Agapantha, $38.00

Valentine's Day Stuff

6. Jump Charging Cable and Battery Booster, $49.99

7. Tea Towel (Virtues) by Louise Bourgeois, $45.00 (“Loosely translated, the writing on the petals reads ‘Loves me, loves me not (passionately, crazily, not at all, with love, a little, a lot.'”

8. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera, $99.99

Valentine's Day Stuff

9. Winkel 127 Table Lamp, $395.00

10. Knot Bangle Brass, $98.00 (or go for a Celine one, if you’ve got the cash)

11. Black Walnut Wood Valet Tray, $90.00

12. Tube Audio Speaker by Piet Hein Eek, $189.00


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