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Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, if you need the reminder. Shipping will be steep if you select overnight/next day, but that’s what you get for waiting so long to buy a gift. If none of the below picks suits your someone, check out our gift guide for more ideas. And, if you’re ahead of the game and already have your gift for that special someone, go get yourself a coffee and feel smug for a approximately 5 minutes- any more than that and you’ll be annoying.

1. Phonekerchief, $15.00

2. Gentlemen’s Card Deck, $15.00 (rules of etiquette, etc.)

3. Heart Key Ring by Carl Aubock, $95.00

4. Tea Egg, $23.00

5. Blackbird, Fly 35mm Twin-Lens Reflex Camera, $130.00

6. Vermeil V Ring by K/ller, $80.00

7. Jambox Speaker, $200.00

8. Macon and Lesquoy Pins, $24.00 – $30.00 each

9. Urbanears Bagis Earbuds, $35.00

10. Crumpled City Map, $20.00 (hint: pick a city that you and your significant other plan to visit someday)

11. 203 Series Wristwatch, $480

12. Geneva Sound System XS, $249.95

13. Love Letter Napkins, $48.00


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