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Stephanie Madewell Wish List 2016

Stephanie Madewell Wish List 2016

The next wish list is from Stephanie Madewell of even*cleveland. This makes year #6 that we’re lucky enough to see what things she’d like to give and get this holiday season. Thank you Stephanie!

1. A cross-stitch kit, with a dove for peace, $20.00.

2. My own private island: Norwegian Archipelago Set, $148.57.

3. A sane phone, because smart phones make me crazy: Punkt MP01 Mobile Phone, $295.00.

4. The gift of shelter: Four Temporary Shelters from IRC, $54.00.

Stephanie Madewell Wish List 2016

5. An indulgent sweater: Lauren Manoogian Cable Coat, $614.00

6. Personal Messages from Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber, $20.00

7. A suncatcher: Prism Suncatcher, $95.00

8. Pocket Constitutions, $11.99 each

Stephanie Madewell Wish List 2016

9. Woven stars, $26.00

10. Artful playing cards, $22.00

11. Faber Nature Poets series, ยฃ10.00 each

12. The most beautiful cheese knife: Coltellerie Berti Reed Archetto, $90.00


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