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Simon Yuen Gift Ideas

Simon Yuen Gift Ideas

The next installment of gift ideas is from our very own Simon Yuen, contributing writer and product developer extraordinaire.

His favorite gifts to give or get, all under $100:

1. Muji Touch Screen Gloves, $24.95 โ€”ร‚ย  So useful!

2. Schoolhouse Electric Ion Lamp, $85.00 โ€” Adds a warm inviting glow to any room in your house.

3. Makedo Freeplay Kit, $50.00 โ€” Creative fun for kids.

4. Leather Seat Wood Stool, $42.00 โ€” I tried this out at the store, pretty comfy. And convenient.

5. Safe at Home Braided Bike Lock, 4,500 yen (tax included) โ€” Just saw these at a craft fair. Can’t speak for the security rating, but wow, gorgeous.

6. Worthy Shorty Mechanical Pencil, $14.00 โ€” Nothing like writing with a big fat piece ofร‚ย  lead.

7. Cut Out Number Calendar, ยฃ17.50 โ€” New year’s coming up!

8. Mini-thermin, $29.99 โ€” Minature musical fun.

9. Murrays Art Print, $16.00 โ€” The most memorable Bill Murrays.

10. Topo Bags Daypack, $98.00 โ€” Good ol’ camp-inspired backpack.

Thanks Simon!


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