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Plastolux Gift Ideas

Plastolux Gift Ideas

The next installment of gift ideas is from Tyler Goodro of Plastolux. He finds all manner of modern interiors to inspire, and his site is on my oft-visited list.

Here are Tyler’s picks:

If I had to make a list of “want” or “want to give” it would be easier to go with “want”, what a scrooge I am! The large items are on my DREAM list and the smaller items are more of a reality.

1. Napoleon Dynamite (Oil Painting) by Dave Sharp, £370. For the Pièce de résistance this amazing painting of none other than Napoleon Dynamite. I love art, especially pop art, one of a kind, and obscure. I am sure my wife would not let me put it anywhere other than my den, so that is proudly where I would display this character.

2. Flip Clock – Time Talks, £299.00. With my background being in Graphic Design I am a sucker for objects that have some killer typography involved.

3. Large Ash Wood Cutting Board, $32.00. This would look amazing sitting on my white quartz countertops but then would I have to actually cook?

4. Bosse Miniatures designed by Walter Bosse, $45.00. These little solid brass sculptures would look really great in a grouping, odd numbers of course.

5. Polder sofa in Anthracite designed by Hella Jongerius, $8,505.00. We are in desperate need of a new sofa, our old Ikea sofa has been beat on way too long. The Polder Sofa is one of my dream pieces. I love the geometric “block like” design.

Plastolux Gift Ideas

6. Provide Made / Arrows Cushion Aubergine, $180.00 – $220.00. I recently just discover these amazing geometrically patterned cushions. I can’t think of a better accent cushion for my new Polder sofa.

7. Countour, Illustration by Simon C Page, $20.00 – $80.00. I really like the work of Illustrator Simon C Page and the print titled “Contour” is one of my favorites.

8. The Pig Bank by Harry Allen, $220.00. This has always been on my list but I have yet to pull the trigger. It would have to be in Chrome.

9. Chieftains Chair designed by Finn Juhl, produced by Onecollection, $13,900.00. Hey, I did say some items were on my DREAM list. This chair so killer in so many ways. I really could use a nice lounge chair like this for my den, Heck while we are at it, let’s make it a pair!

10. WAVE bedspread in Burnt Orange with Orange stitch by Wallter, $580.00. We recently moved into a new house and our master bedroom really needs a “pick me up”, and this textural beauty would be perfect.

Thanks Tyler!

To see more on Tyler, visit Plastolux.


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